About Me


My name is Radclyffe Jansen.
Since a long time i studied astrology. After learing about western astrology i started to do Vedic astrology, the astrology of the Vedic ‘s, Indian astrology. I like it better.

Last year i graduated as all round Jyotisha, in 2018.

I studied at the international academie for astrology. www.dirah.org .

What I do

I give lessons by internet and i can make your horoscope. I made also two e-books. One about Tarot in Dutch and one about Jyotish for beginners, also in Dutch. But i started to make them in English too.

I only give lessons in Vedic or Indian astrology, not in western astrology.


A brief introduction in Vedic astrology

Jyotish or Vedic astrology is called ‘the study of Light’.
In the ‘Rig Veda’, in the Holy tekst books from India,  you can find this study and the the study about Ayurveda, what is the study about health and youth.

What is the difference between Vedic and Western astrology?
The difference in a brief explanation is that the old Vedic sages, the very wise people from India, a long time ago determined the position of the planets from the true rotation of the earth in a 24 hours time period.

They still look at the stars from the side of the Nakshatras, that is from the side of the stars on the firmament. Nakshatras are groups of stars.
While the Romans (Western astrology) determined the degrees of the planets from the spring equinox point, when sun enters the zodiac sign Aries.

You see, that the Vedic way of counting is different.
The Indian are still looking from the side of the constellations, from the side of the Nakshatras star groups and the Western astrologers are still counting from the spring equinox point, so that is a bit different!

The Egyptian and Mayan mapping of the sky is almost exactly the same as the way of mapping by Vedic astrology.
This Eastern astrology is taken serious by all the science communities around the world.
The pandits, (priests in India) are still using this science many times to get insight in the world of just born children.

These Pandits, for instance, are looking at the perspective and abilities of a new born child for the coming life and give good advice to the parents about what is coming for the little boy or girl.
These Pandits are astrologers who help the parents with advice and with good ideas for the upbringing of their children.
This astrology is also used in India for finding the right partner for the girl when she is ready to get married.

You will see or find out by studying Jyotish that it illuminates your dharma and by doing so it can help you by interpreting your possibilities and talents, so that life becomes more clear what makes it easy to choose the right path.

If you have questions, please send me your mail with your question.

Telephone: 0031618676720

Take care,
Radclyffe or

Dorien Jansen