Are we the architect of our own life ?

We are all electrical beings. The human brain is an bio – computer and our soul is the electrical connector to the mother board, which is an endless source of information. Light is information needed for science and technology. These days we know more and more about science.

We know also about the existence of atomic quantum computers, 3 – D printers, Nano technology, clones and drones, smart cellphones and much more exiting things and sometimes not so exiting. We are living in a brave new world. New inventions and new Technics are coming out. I just read in a newspaper this sentence:

‘Science is beginning to acknowledge what Shamans, healers, intuitives and spiritual masters have known for a million of years already – whether conscious or not, our thoughts have a profound impact on our bodies, right down to the cellular level and on our DNA’.

It is becoming a fact what we already knew. It is a fact that our thoughts influence our bodies.
We only needed to have the facts, the evidence, but we get more and more evidence.
Besides these truth ‘s, we know now truth ‘s about our subconscience.

We are capable to change our subconscience

We know that we can do it by sound. The Vedic scriptures are telling us a lot. A great deal of our succes can come from the way how we are treating our own sub-conscience. When we speak to our higher self in a powerful trusty way, in the here and now, about our greatness and our fantastic abilities, …. than look at what will happen.

Because our idea will be printed into our subconscience and when the idea is great the outcome is great. Like for instance Mohammed Ali, the one that we all know, was drilling his thoughts and words into his subconscience mind and his rivales or opponents were impressed by him. He was a winner and became always at least on the second place in the end as a winning boxer. Most of the time he was the winner of the game.

It is up to us in harmony with mother nature and with the law of the universe …..

To decide how successful we will become we have to put effert in it, in whatever you like to do or think. Just we have to feel love for the things we do, we all can make it true. We can make it as long we are healthy and strong and motivated.

How does it work in the cosmos?

By reading books about the Veda ‘s i understood that there is a Center of Creative, Energetic, and Intelligent Power. A power where around all lesser powers revolve and it seems to acquire energy. Whether that is the sun or protons, i do not know to be honest with you. 

The idea remains the same – the universe dances around with a single point that is centered around seven different stages. In the atom, electrons revolve around a nucleus of protons and neutrons. And groups of atoms revolve around each one of the seven chakra ‘s in the human body.That means that we are connected. Our chakra ‘s are moving and are in touch with waves and with atoms.

The atoms are empty, we are the ones that creates at the best in a conscience way and sometimes it happens in an un conscience way. Prana (Vital Force/ Breath) revolves around the chakra ‘s using third eye as the central point.

(The third eye chakra has his place between the eye brows). The sixth chakra is the energy wheel of imagination. There we find the chakra of the third eye. (See my article about chakra ‘s here). Sun revolves around another Star . (Super Sun) in 24000 years. The Super Sun revolves around The Grand Galactic Centre of The Universe over a period of 240.000 years, that can we find in the Vedic learnings.

Think always in the here and now. Your focused intentions will set the infinite organizing power of the universe in motion by doing your thoughts. Than trust that organising power that will orchestrate the fulfillment of your desires.

Let the universe handle it, you don’t have to be in charge
Do not force anything, so leave it alone for a while

Our planet earth and other planets and the whole cosmos, they have an electric magnetic field around them – and we also do. In these fields communication is going on. Most of the time we are not aware of it. Communication has his own way by humans through emotions and wishes and thoughts. Our emotions get cought by the cosmos and that happens also by our wishes and ideas. 

Also the body feels the influence of emotions and reacts in a good or in a bad way. When we are very sad and unhappy for a long time we become sick. Nobody likes to be sick, that is why we better look out and clean our body with good thoughts, and good food and good environment as much as is possible.

We should try to help ourselves and others too. There are some good remedies to clean our bodies, you know yourself. They are all for the better. For example we can buy a Stone-pendel (wearing ‘Gemstones’) and keep it on our body. With these pendels we can give our body a boost, and so we can upload the voltage in the body. Also we know a lot about for instance ‘Crystals’.

Today Quartz crystals are used in many ways in our daily lives

As frequency makers too – it synchronize precisely accurate time in our clocks and watches; to transit a whole spectrum of light in optical lenses and prismas; to focus energy in laser technology (used even in delicate eye surgery).[]=en&utm_source=share

Quartz crystal has the ability to transform, store and focus and transfer energy.
When the body is uploaded by a good stone that fits with the body, it can receive better the messages from the cosmos, because the frequency of the body with the stone than is higher. To find the stone that fits with you it is good to go for advice by somebody that knows a lot about stones and about astrology.

Because stones are living energies

By the electro magnetic field you can get impressions and messages. You will become more energetic and intuitive when you wear the right stone on your body, because it clears your vibrations. Like a diamond , or Rozequartz or Hematiet or another stone like the eye of the tiger, there are such a beautiful stones.

Another way to clean the body is by sound 

There are many good mantra ‘s with a healing effect and they are for different purposes. When you are listening to a video with mantra‘ s you will get a better feeling, special when you do that regularly and if you sing out loud with that mantra.

The mantra ‘ Ohm’, is a good mantra

Ohm is God. ‘Ohm Tat Sat’ means God is Truth. Try to pronounce the mantra in a good way, first listen how the real mantra singers are doing it. Listening to aggressive music is not so good for health. Also listening to music that has a very low sound can make people sick. During war times some bad people misused this knowledge by tottering poor people in hospitals or in jails, just for experimentation.

Why is it good for your health to listen to harmonieus music or mantra ‘s?

Listening to good positive sounds is good because by repeating the words and the sound of a mantra the good vibration will stay in your subconscience.

And by doing that every day it will stay

This is specially a good therapy for people that like music very much, like I do.
It is a sound therapy and the chakra of the voice sits there, in the throat chakra, the fifth chakra of the body.

durga mantras

We clean the area by singing and by evolving in music. It will effect all your chakras. By sound our molecules become re-arranged. We can re-arrange it into a beautiful geometric shape, by listening to the right sounds. When you listen a lot to the mantra ‘s it will re-shape your subconscience and than you re-shape your karmic DNA as well. The subconscience mind takes over after listening a lot to the right vibrations and sound.

Even when you sleep and the music is on with positive sounds, it flows through your body and works out in a positive way in the subconscience. Do it as much as you can.

When we are thinking bad or negative things, it does not have a good effect on our health. These thoughts stay also in you sub conscience and so now and than they come up when you are in a bad mood or when you are angry.

With meditation and discipline you can get it out of your system. That is why I like to say ‘clean also your thoughts’, to get a better life.


Do not create bad karma

When people has not been nice to you, or has defeated you, or if they did something else what is wrong, than try to let it go . Better to let go than making war. It is not worth it to spend your great and wonderful energy to unworthy things, knowing that it works as an boomerang. Because what you create will come back, even that is the case with revenge.

Make the air clear. Everything has to be clear and cleaned up. You become like a new person. It will make your life more clear. Also clearness to others brings more happiness. Vague issues or chaotic ideas or strange talking brings chaos.

The cosmos brings back what it gets from you

That is the law of the universe, what you give brings it back, leave revenge alone and cosmos will do everything for it. Trust in that. Be aware of your sub conscience. When your mind and emotions are in good order, your environment will be like that as well.

That is the way how it works. It starts always in yourself and when that is oké, it will be fine on the outside too. Sometimes only it takes a little while. We have to get used to it. I know i sound like a preacher man, but i am not.

Everything is connect with everything and with each other by elektro magnetic fields. Even mother earth, Gaya, and the planets are connected. The whole cosmos is connecting in waves of energy. Atoms, numbers, letters, names, they all are based and formed out of a frequency. They forme a rezonance with each other and with you. The inner processor of the human being is working. The cells, the chromosomes, the sound. They are not all the same, they are different by every human being.


When you was born you have got a blueprint with you. By place, time and date of birth. It is the blueprint of your horoscope, by date and time and place of birth.  The DNA you ‘ve got from your parents, that is the ‘membering’.

The membering is a sort of blueprint as well. ‘That resonance’ is yours. It works your whole life through. We can make a new program with the cell ‘s in our body, a new way of living, when we look after them by cleaning and awareness.

A cell reads the environment and reacts on it. The environment around the cell in our body must be healthy. Scientists have found that when we re-program our body and thoughts, we can re-program our molecules. That means that we, people, can change our way of doing. We can become by our own special technics better and happier people, with a better behavior.

Our positive and negative emotions have influence on our bodies. Those electric magnetic waves are very powerful, they are like radio-waves. Radio waves are strong and powerful. (Even a table or stone is made out of waves, made out of molecules). The waves are going through the body, through everything! The resonance, the constructive interference is working.

An other person can give you a special feeling inside your body and that can stimulate your resonance. Than that person has contact with you and he or she has an emotional influence on you. That we call ‘the constructive interference’.

It could be love, if it feels good

But when the feeling sucks, it could be an enemy. But they cannot do you any harm as long as you do not believe that they can do that to you. When we have a good feeling it tells us that we have found a long lost soulmate. The universe brings him or her back to us, if we ask for it in a clear way.

Something else is that Doctor Masaru Emoto, this marvellous man, has found out about the message of water.  He is famous for showing the fact that water has memory and that we can influence water with our mind.  Water has memory, like we have.

We can find the power of love in water

We live in a world of which every living entity shares a part, but we do not know much about it.This Doctor Emoto did a groundbreaking work.

He came with his good message about earth ‘s most precious resource. The message from water is telling us to look inside ourselves. Here you see the video about water.

could it be love

This is a beautiful message. It can change our way of looking against life and believes. Did you know that even grass vibrates at 528 hz? You can send me an email for more information. (Video ‘s about doctor Emoto you can find on YouTube). 

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