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Kundalini and a spiritual secret

Kundalini and a spiritual secret We know that Lord Shiva also known as Gangadhara held Ganga in his Jatajuta eisenbahn simulator kostenlos herunterladen. What is the spiritual secret behind this? We know that at Sahasrara, Amruta is located. This Amruta is “Amritam-bhonidhi” i.e. Amrita Sagara minecraft hausen. (Sea of Nectar). A risen Kundalini reaches Sahasrara […]

How to know yourself

How to know yourself On many papers and articles i found a lot of times the words ‘Know yourself’ Mostly i did not look further, but now i thought, let me see what it is all about. And in the end i got wiser by reading the subject about knowing yourself in Vedanta teksts. By […]

The karmic debt cards

1. Introduction in the tarot 2. Number twelve – the hanged man 3. The karmic debt cards, number 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, 19/1, 26/8 1. Introduction in the tarot The word Tarot is devised from two Egyptian words ‘Tar ‘, meaning road, and ‘ot ‘, meaning royal. Thus we have the ‘Royal Road ‘here, to Wisdom. […]


11 June , 2018

Colours and aura ‘s Colors can bring more light in our lives or at least colors have a lot of influence on our moods. When you feel ‘moody’ you can choose to put on something colorful, and many times it will help. (Cyndi Lauper) The color of your aura reveals your personality, because the aura […]

Your destiny number

11 June , 2018

Your destiny number is a number that counts Your destiny number describes all of the talents and potentials that are at your disposal in this lifetime and is calculated from the letters that compose your full birth name. This number of destiny is also called sometimes the life Expression number. Why looking for your destiny number […]

The eye of the tiger

11 June , 2018

The eye of the tiger The eye – tigers eye crystal gemstone – is a great crystal that can help discern truth from lies and error. It cuts throught illusions, false beliefs that zap and drain energy. This gemstone brings joy and power. This gemstone beholds a lot of good qualities. It is famous for […]

The outer personality number 

11 June , 2018

What image do you present to others with your outer personality and what do the other people expect from you by the way you are acting? The outer personality number To find out about that number you have to add the values of the consonants of all your names that you have got by birth. Your official […]

The book Popol Vuh

11 June , 2018

The book Popol Vuh is a long poem It is a story about the very beginning on earth, and it is about the time that there were no people on earth and about the time that life on earth just began. It is written in progressive tense, suggesting that the narrator sees it before him […]

The soul number is an important number

11 June , 2018

THE SOUL NUMBER The soul number you can find by adding the vowels together of your official names We are going to count the vowels of our full official names, the names like they are on our passport. Not the name of your husband, that is not the name where you are born with. The […]