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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

10 August , 2018

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in Salzburg in Oostenrijk 27 January 1756 at 20.00 P.M. G.M.T. 19:48 P.M. Lagna Leo 22.15 degrees. Here you see his RASHI CHART What we especially know about Mozart is that he was and remains a world-famous musician, despite the many years that have passed since his death. He actually performed […]

Bob Dylan Vargas

Bob Dylan is born at:  24-05-1941 om 21.05.00 uur. In Duluth Minnesota V.S.   Lagna or Ascendant in Scorpio in Nakshatra Jyestha. Rashi Chart In the Rashi Chart or D1 Chart of Bob Dylan, or Robert Allen Zimmerman we can immediately see that we have someone here with enormous talents. We can see that when […]

Nakshatra’s two

Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions in Hindu Vedic Astrology Astrology is a divine Shastra. In India the Moon is a very important planet in astrology. We call the horoscope in India ‘the Sidereal chart’. It is the chart made by looking from the site of an constellation of stars, named Nakshatras. The moon is so important […]

Two short stories about Sri Krishna

A brief story of Krishna from the Mahabharata   One day there was a party of Yadava lords. Prominent among whom were Krishna, Balram, Satyaki , Akrur and some others; they were returning from a hunting trip. By the roadside, they smelt the stomach churning smell of decay, emanating from a half rotten carcass of […]

Marilyn Monroe

1. Marilyn Monroe 2. Jyotish – Indiase astrologie  Dasha ‘s – Nakshatra ‘s We zien hier de Siderische kaart van Marilyn Monroe. Waarbij we vooral zien hoe de Nakshatra ‘s uitwerken in haar horoscoop.  Deze horoscoop van Marilyn Monroe heb ik als voorbeeld genomen vanwege haar bekendheid. Op de website van Roeland de Looff kun je […]