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Introduction in Tarot

INTRODUCTION IN THE TAROT – NUMBER TWELVE – THE HANGED MAN – THE KARMIC DEBT CARDS (2018) The Netherlands – ( Find the free download about Tarot on my information page on my website ! 1. INTRODUCTION The word Tarot is devised from two Egyptian words ‘Tar ‘, meaning road, and ‘ot ‘, meaning royal. Thus […]

The court cards of wands

The King of wands What we see here is a loving person with an open mind. That says a lot about these wand cards overall. Also when these court cards are laying quietly it represents a strong sense of morality and not to forget, many times with these wands fire cards, we get some humour […]

The court cards of swords

THE COURT CARDS OF SWORDS The King of Swords Smart and intelligent, that is the King of Swords, numerated under the number 51/6, the five stands for mercury that indicates thoughts, the five is the basic number for swords. Mercury stands for writing and for numbers, for thoughts and for intellect. He will fight for […]

The court cards of cups

THE COURT CARDS OF CUPS THE KING OF CUPS This is the Lord of Waves and Water, that is our King of Cups. Often defined as the fiery aspect of water. We speak here about an actual person with influence. But imagine, as water has a lot of moves, people can have a lot of […]

The court cards of disks

The court cards of disks  The court cards represent significant people who will enter your life. These personalities are complex, like we are,they can be good and can be bad or in the middle. It depends of course on what cards are around them and it depends on the question you would like to know. […]