Chakra ‘s or the wheels of energy

  1. Chakra ‘s or the wheels of energy
  2. The seven most important chakra ‘s   
  3. The nine centers ! (See the video on this page)
  4. Kundalini meditation

In our body we find a lot of chakra’s or energy wheels

These chakra’s are important for our health

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It is good to know about chakra ‘s, because we are antenna‘s, we interfere with energies.The line of communication works with living light waves of electromagnetic fields. It beholds our personal information as a signature of us. That is one of the reasons to look good after them and clear them and keep them in an harmonious action. here i give a brief information about the seven main chakras seen by a medical point of view.

At the moment researchers found nine very important chakras in the human body. But this time in this article you can read about the seven basic chakras only. I am doing research about the other two and I will report soon about those two more very important chakras in our bodies. Of course it is not all about these chakras alone, there are also a lot more smaller chakras working in our bodies!

Muladhara chakra 

This is the first chakra. It is the basic chakra of our body, placed under in the back. Element earth. Fears and anxiety can happen to you if this chakra does not work well, Anorexia Nervosa. Or on the other hand getting too fat .

It is about to enjoy and respect life, appreciation and serviving. Red is the colour and the legs, feet and knees are connected with this chakra, like the fat darm as well. Feeling dizzy or problems with concentration can be a problem when the chakra does not work well.

Saturnus is the connected planet and the right is the right to have prosperity. The food that fits here is meat and proteines. Stones are Granaath, Hematiet, Bloodstone, Magnetiet. Olifant and the Ox. Hatha yoga, gravity and mother earth are the connections with this chakra.

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Svadhisthana chakra 

This is the second chakra. The name means ‘sweetness’. The place where this chakra is sitting is at the ‘Holy Leg’, near the genitaliën. It influences the hips, the knees, and the under side of the back .

It is connected with water, sexuality, emotions, moves, stiffness’s. When this chakra is not good working it says that we are lustful and that we want to much seks than that is good for us, or we like no seks at all.

The chakra is about stability and feelings. Desires or no desires at all. People who are working with Tantra are working most of the time with this chakra. Orange is the colour, the colour of desire. The moon is the planet and water is the drank. It is about the right to feel. Coral and Kornalijn are the stones. Fish and Alligator. Tantra – Yoga, yin and yang, eros.

Manipura chakra 

This is the thirth chakra. The meaning of this name is ‘Flonkering Juwel’. This chakra is sitting on the ‘Plexus Solaris’, at the fore side of the body between the navel and the under side of the breast bone. Fire is the connection with Manipura Chakra, power and energy, life force, will force, going for what is the purpose and to be aware about doing the things that you have to do and do them.

If the chakra does not work well, than you want everything too quick or you are much too slow. Also you can get pain in the stomach or worse problems with the stomach, when the things do not work out the way as you would like to see it, than you can become very angry sometimes.

Too shy or too brutal. Fat around the hips, because the blood does not go around enough. The colour is yellow. Planets are mars and the sun, cool hydrates, the right to do things, Topaas and Amber, Planets: Ram and Leo. Principe is fire in the body, karma – yoga, Magiër, the Fighter.

Anahatha chakra 

They call it sometimes as metafoor, ‘the sound of the claps of one hand’. Your heart is sitting on this place, on this chakra. The element is air, harmony, relations, to be good with others in harmony and with yourself, empathy and to be not egoistic and selfish or being that way too shy.

It depends if the chakra is working alright. When it works in harmony, than men can enjoy life by being happy. Being shore or not shore about things or about yourself. Melancholy, doubts, egoisme, claiming, not breathing well, loneliness, big or small breast, colour green, venus, eating greens, the right to love.

  • Smaragd
  • Rozequartz
  • Dove
  • antilope
  • harmony
  • Bhakti – yoga
  • Aphrodite
  • Quan Yin
  • Christ

Look this video about The nine centers

Visuddha chakra 

This the fifth chakra.This chakra means clearing or cleansing.
It is connected with communication. Communication in yourself by going inside your feelings and getting more conscious about your own inner world.

This chakra is located in the throat. Sound and ether, self expression, clear communication, frequencies, creativity .

It has to do with – if people listen when you speak or not and if you are listening to your inner voice. It is about letting things or feelings go, or not. Can you express yourself or not. The colour is blue, mercurius is the planet, the speaker, the bode, the writer. The right to speak or not being able to speak. Fruits. Mantra ‘s and other music.

Sympathy, vibrations, olifant and bull, Hermes.

The stone that fits here is Turkoois. Sarasvati, the Goddess of art, vibrations, singing mantras. Yoga. Neck and shoulders. Listen to mantras is a very good therapy when this chakra is blocked.

Anja chakra 


This is the sixth chakra. This is the chakra of knowledge. This is the chakra that is aware. The chakra of consciousness. It has influence. It is the house of Brahma. The ‘IT’ . located in the middle of the head, between the eye brows.

The third eye. Light, the visual, the clear voyante, the hallucinations, the headaches, pain in the head, images, visualisation, and sometimes realisation by that visualisation. Insight in yourself, insight in others, drugs, neptunus, Lapis Lazuli and Quartz crystals. Owl and Papignon. Yantra yoga. That is yoga by looking at certain pictures that broads the mind.

Indigo. The Hermit, the medium, the dreamer, mystic, understanding and deep understanding about your own thoughts and somebody else ‘s thoughts.

Sahasrara chakra 

This is the seventh chakra. With it ‘s thousand ‘s of Lotus Leaves. It is sitting in the head in the crown. It is all about thoughts. Understanding, sciences, and looking in yourself like meditation. A broad view about things. Dwelling around, fantasy of worlds, sometimes too much fantasy or too little fantasy. Apathy, to be bored, not being capable of learning or understanding. Being very bright. Or being dull.

Depressions, violet, fasting, the right to know

Ox, bull, olifant. Confusion. Amethist. Diamant. Consciousness. The wise person. Jnana yoga. Shakti with Shiva in yoga. The All and Oneness. Cosmic energy. Satisfaction by being in each other, the union with yin and yang.

This video is about the chakra system

Kundalini meditation 

  • 1. As we are focussing on ājñā chakra, it becomes fully active.
  • 2. As we are not using any force to awaken the kuṇḍalinī, it continues to remain in its hibernated state.
  • 3. Deep inhalation and exhalation work on prāṇakuṇḍalinī at mūlādhāra chakra to become active and as a result prāṇakuṇḍalinī moves up through citriṇī nāḍi.

    When prāṇakuṇḍalinī enters citriṇī nāḍi, activities of iḍa and piṅgala are annihilated. When iḍa and piṅgala are blocked, the only way for prāṇakuṇḍalinī to move up is through citriṇī nāḍi and thus, kuṇḍalinī syndrome is averted.
  • 4. When this is perfectly practiced, the passage of kuṇḍalinī is completely cleared of any blockages and when parakuṇḍalinī ascends, it ascends with ease and to higher chakras.
  • 5. When prāṇakuṇḍalinī moves through the citriṇī nāḍi within the spinal cord, it goes up to sahasrāra and cleanses the entire path of parakuṇḍalinī.
  • 6. When the path of Kuṇḍalinī is cleansed, Kuṇḍalinī can be activated with ease and confidence.

Kundalini meditation and a spiritual secret 

Did you know that Lord Shiva also is known as the one that Gangadhara held Ganga in his Jatajuta? What is the spiritual secret behind this? We know that at Sahasrara Amrita is located. This Amrita is “Amrita-mbhonidhi” i.e. Amrita Sagara. (Sea of Nectar).

A risen kundalini reaches Sahasrara and bite this nest of nectar, so that Amrita will start flowing from Sahasrara and flood the 72000 Nadis of the Sadhaka. This state is Ananda state. A Sadhaka has to put his all-out efforts i.e. do vigorous Sadhana to achieve this state.

Now coming to the main point, a Sadhaka himself is Shiva (Aham Brahmas mi). Sahasrara is his jatajuta (Shiva jatajuta is symbol of Sahasrara). Vigorous Sadhana is Bhagiradha prayatna. Result is flow of Ganga (nectar) from Sahasrara. Sapta Samudras (seven seas) are nothing but sapta chakras, or the seven chakra‘s.

The seven chakra ‘s like Muladhara and so on. A Sadhaka who achieves this state will be identified himself with Lord Shiva i.e. Gangadhara

The nature of spreading (Vyapakatva) of this nectar among various Nadi-s of Sadhaka is known as Vishnu (Sarvantaryami). The activation of kundalini is Sristhi that is Brahma. Absorption of this nectar into various nadi- ‘s of sadhaka is Laya that is Rudra.

After this absorption there is only Sea of Nectar (amritambonidhi) nothing else. That means only Ananda state (swaroopa) which is nothing but Parabrahma tattwa. This is the advaita bhava of a Sadhaka relating to Sristhi, Sthiti and Laya. A sadhaka who reaches this state there won’t be any difference between he and Trimuthi-s. (Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra).

The WOW state so to say

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