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My phone: 0618676720 or 0618792614

If you like to mail me, please do.

Questions about Jyotish or Tarot are welcome.

I will remind you about the e-books i have written.

The e-books are for students in Tarot and the other one is for beginner students in Jyotish.

They are written in Dutch, but i have the e-book for Jyotish also in English. (Around fifty pages with good information).

These e-books cost 25 euro each for now.

Jyotish workbook Astrology for beginners

Tarot workbook for beginners

Last year i was graduated in Jyotish advanced technics and i got my diploma as being an all round Jyotisha.

I studied many years astrology.

I was learning Jyotish at the International Academy for Astrology. (

Take a look at Very interesting!

Take care, Dorien Jansen