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Vedic astrology or Jyotish

In Jyotish astrology the way of counting is different than in Western astrology. But there are several simularities with Western astrology. Jyotish astrology is about 5000 years old and came from India. Old wise seers (old wise men) brought it to India more than 5.000 years ago. Jyotish is that old and the tradition of how to make a chart is still kept. In 5000 years the study did not change much at all and the old books about traditional Jyotish are still to find.

Vedic learnings are beautiful. Vedic learnings are not alone about astrology, but also about Ayurveda, that is the knowledge of healthcare and youth and about vastu, about music and much more. We can find that in the ‘Rik Veda’. But there are more Veda ‘s than only the Rig Veda. On this website I will speak more about Vedanta.

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In my e-book or in the articles about Tarot on this website you find more about the cards and the meaning of them. You can buy my e- book(s) on E-bay. See on my site the link under the subject ‘books’. For more information you can mail me. The e- book ‘astrolgy for beginners is written in English and in Dutch. It is about Jyotish (astrology from India) (Vedic astrology). And find my other e-books as well!


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