How to know yourself

How to know yourself

On many papers and articles i found a lot of times the words ‘Know yourself’

Mostly i did not look further, but now i thought, let me see what it is all about.

And in the end i got wiser by reading the subject about knowing yourself in Vedanta teksts.

By looking in the Vedanta teksts and by listening to lectures and  songs (in Sanskrit) i found more wisdom about knowing oneself. 

By ‘Yogic Mind’ it is said that all our pain mostly comes because of mind problems canon mg3650 treiber herunterladen.

It is said that even eighty procent of our pain is coming by worries and worries are coming from bad thoughts and bad thoughts are coming by the mind.

Only twenty procent of our pain is fysical pain. 

Impressions, experiences and environments also play a role handyton kostenlos downloaden. Past lives and the state of conscience we are in are important as well.     

By thinking about these facts, i like to learn how to keep the mind in control. Don’t you?

It is scary to know much about oneself, because the disappointment about that is just around the corner. 

By going deeper into the subject it becomes even more interesting sims 4 gratis downloaden ipad. I like for instance to learn how to concentrate better. And of course i would like to know myself better.

I found that by computer- science one can find even more about oneself than one knows naturally about themself.

In other words: we do not know much about ourselves, the computer can find out more things than we know and the computer can do that fast! For instance, the computer can tell us much about our health, the coming deseases and even when we are going to die weltbild ebook herunterladen. The computer can see if we are gay or straighth, even before we are aware about that!  

Would you like to know that much about yourself?

It is risky, but maybe it is good to know more, so you can work on it and protect yourself against yourself. A bit scary it is.   

I read that ‘by having the control over the mind, your experiences will change and it will bring a deeper feeling of aliveness in your body and mind’ windows xp betriebssystem herunterladen. So, let’s see how to get more control over mind. 

‘When the mind is clear by meditation we become more succesfull’. 

Meditation is as simple as 6 seconds to breathe in, hold for 4 seconds, and 20 seconds to breathe out from dropbox without account. Of course there are more different meditation- technics to find, but for now we will do with this.    

The first stap is mind clearing

Mind clearing is important before you go deeper into self-knowledge.  But the mind is changing all the time. So, concentration is needed for mind clearing. Body and senses are changing too, but Soul does not change. Just be aware that the real Me stays forever. The essence of what we are is only God. 

Where do we find the real Me spiele herunterladen für pc?

The real Me is the Me, the Self that we cannot change. It is always there and it will be there forever. When we die, it is the real Me that stays. It stays alive.

We know that mind is changing all the time and the body does as well. Those aren’t the real Self.

So, who am I ? 

I am not the persona, because the persona is a mask wo kann man serien kostenlos downloaden.

To find your True Self you have to seek.

By the five senses we get more knowledge about the objective world, but that is not knowing yourself! There we do not find the real self. 

By going within with your mind, looking in yourself, you can find yourself by meditation youtube videos kostenlos auf handy downloaden.

That is the basic way to do it.

Than you get more knowledge about yourself.

By doing so regularly the effect will come.  

But first clear your mind before you go inside.

Become ONE with Yourself

Sometimes they call that… your ‘Higher Self’.  Go inside with your mindful cleared mind in meditation and repeat the meditation many times.   

Pure conscience

By pure conscience we find our Real Me die sims online herunterladen.


Look for Atman/Spirit/Soul/ or whatever you like to call it. 

Your soul is with you. 

The Atman (your soul) survives dead.

It will always be there.

The mind reflect the conscience, like the moon reflects the sunlight

You are NOT mind.

Your soul is FREE.

There is no dead of Soul

To understand more about knowing yourself we can have a look at this video. It explains a lot more about it.

It is an important question and is worth for a deeper look into …  

I hope you like listening to this Swami. I do like to listen to many of his lectures. So, take a listen and enjoy. 

Dorien Jansen

Real Ohm revealed

In the beginning rises the dot

the dot moves to create a arc (golden ean spiral)!

one becomes two

static and kinetic, Shiva and Shakti

three arcs are created with the dot in the center

Trinity is established

Multi-verse is born

AEIOUM is thus the symbol of creation

called Om or Aum when true knowledge is lost

amongst children of earth

every vowel is part of the play …….

By Prashant Trivedi


Dorien Jansen

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Beautiful chanting! And thanks for your Krishna story. I play the flute and feel close to Krishna

    Dorien Jansen

    That is really nice Laurie, thank ‘s for your attention.

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