Introduction in the tarot

Introduction in the tarot- number twelve – the hanged man – the karmic debt cards

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1. Introduction:

The word Tarot is devised from two Egyptian words ‘Tar ‘, meaning road, and ‘ot ‘, meaning royal

Thus we have the ‘Royal Road ‘here, to Wisdom. And the Hermetic tradition believes also that the Tarot comes to us through the Gypsies and can be traced back to the religious symbols of the Egyptians. The Hermetic traditions believe that the earliest records of the Tarot are about 35.000 years old.

These Hermetic traditions tells of two major secrets yet to be discovered beneath the Great Pyramid of Gizeh

tarot the world21-2

It is said that a hidden temple contains magnificent tablets on which are inscribed the totality of the Universal Laws, concerning the soul ‘s journey through the cycle of birth, death and re-birth.

78 of these tablets are known as the physical Tarot and 30 are called the ‘esoteric or spiritual Tarot – a total of 108 tablets revealing the mystery and purpose of the soul to mankind.

It appears that divination and Tarot originally dated back specifically to the Egyptian Hermetic Mystery Initiations, which thus influenced ancient Hebrew and Greek, both of which had correspondence with traders from the East from time to time, and the rest “is history,” as they say.

Karmic Debt Cards


About karmic debt cards we can say that feeling trapped in a bad situation is not the best thing that can overcome us. But even a debt number has a positive site. Remember that there is always a solution, and that solution will come.

We are spiritual beings and we live forever. Your soul will never leave you and it helps you to come and live through the incarnations that we must pass.

The more conscious we are, the better the next life will be. We aim for harmony

That is the reason why it is good to know ourselves. To recognise the polarities within ourselves is to know ourselves better. We have a rainbow inside us, because between the right and the left side of our character there is some space, rainbow space, and between the left and the right side of our brain there is space to choose.

That space is full of likes and dislikes and it has many colours. Add to your personal rainbow and find out about it, so you can learn to know yourself better. Colours and nuances are over there. Do not judge them, but accept the situation for others and for yourself. We are born as dual beings. They are two sides of us. We can learn to handle the patterns around us as soon as we can handle the pattern within us.

The pattern of Kundalini Yoga is a wonderful methode to learn, see on my web-log here on this homepage.

Yin and Yang can come together and merge in one-another to become Oneness. That makes humans illuminated.

2. Number twelve as being a special number

Number 12 in the Tarot is not a karmic debt number, but number 12 is like a realm of spirituality. In the bible for instance we know the 12 apostles and we know all about the 12 signs, or the heavenly bodies in the sky. The twelve signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Balance, Scorpio, Sagitarius, Capricornus, Aquarius and Pisces.

hanged man

The people with the number 12 in their chard as a life lesson number or as their destiny number or their soul number are no ‘sheeps’ and they are not sleeping, they are awake, but they are in reverse.

Up side down. In the tarot this people ‘s symbol is ‘the hanged man’ and this hanged man, or number 12 is going his own way.

He knows about a lot of enigma ‘s.That is the reason why they are special and most of the time in peace

But sometimes when they go against their natural way, they really can become unhappy and feel bogged down. Until the law of the universe calls them back in order.One way or the other! That can be painful because they have to surrender and take a break to meditate about what where and how.

Perhaps new plans and ideas will come through them during the pause and pop up in their spiritual minds. The universe will resonate when the mind stays clear and calm. The number 12 is a number about changing the mind and about a new perspective that is coming. A new perspective on a higher level.

Twelve stones


Sardius – Stability, Topaz – Faith, Carbunkle – Charity, Emerald – Fidelity, Sapphire -Peace, Diamond
– Victory, Ligure – Justice, Agate – Courage, Amethist – Love, Beryl – Modesty, Onyx – Moral Integrity,
Jasper – Truth, Safety.

3. The karmic debt numbers and theit cards

When we are born with one of those debt numbers it can indicate that we will have a more difficult life than the other people with the more ‘easy’ numbers. But we can do something about it. When we grow up we can pay more attention about the meaning of that number to work on it. Because to become more conscience about the meaning of your life path number and some other numbers involved, will make your life much more easy to live. The karmic debt numbers are 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, 19/1, 26/8.

gipsy tarot

To start with the number 13/4 as a personal debt number

The debt number 13

This number has always been feared as ‘the death number’ and indeed it does represent death. But not in the ordinary way or sense.

When we are born into this life, we die from another level or existence. Change is simultaneous birth and death. There are no halfway measures for this number, it is all or nothing. The higher side living of this number involves and promise complete satisfaction, and the lower side living of this number brings destruction.

The life of a person with this number will be one of constant change. Here this instability of the material world for those people strengthens the bound between them and the spiritual world. Their idealism knows no bounds and they can transform the most desperately loss into a worldwide venture by their understanding. Transformation is the key word for this people, and in the right way they can play a beneficial roll for other people in many ways to help them through difficulties.

Peaceful changes, release, transformation, if it works out well with patience. When these persons are without calmes and patience there could be destruction in their lives. The tarot card that fits with this number is ‘Death’, number 13 in the tarot. Keywords are here transformation, rebirth, transmutation. The sign Scorpio fits with number 13. Eternal life, changing form. And remember,death belongs only to earth. Peaceful changes and release will appear when living in harmony.

The next karmic debt number is 14/5

angels paying

You must maintain a various way with personal and business work or you will get competition and by overworking your health will suffer. Your strength will be tested. Envy, jalousy, divorces are common under this number.

A negative 14 has a nervous impulsive nature, which propels them in problematical situations. A 14/5 in harmony can bring inspired messages into the world. He or she than will be supplied with the necessary tools for that.

Social and family obligations, active sexual principle, pregnancy, competition, a need to verify. This all fits with this number. What we can do when we have this number is to modify the lifestyle and control our desires and sexual appetites.

Competitive situations will be, so, be aware of your words and deeds. Temperance is the tarot card for number 14. This card stands for arts, fertility, keyword is sustenance and forgiveness by strong anger. Verify your destiny as a manipulator. When positive used the number 14 vibration than Kundalini will grow and come up and you will find harmony.

The next karmic debt number is number 16/7

You are a clear-sighted intellectual with the ability to access circumstances easily and accurately and this can lead to a tendency of speculation. That will be dangerous. Over – confidence, material loss trials, defeats, and loss of material security. Emotional discontent. Examine your life and your attitudes. Is your personality dominated by motions. Be aware of your selfishness or unsympathetic nature and than change it.

Financial en professional losses can dominate your environment. Learn truth and faithfulness. The splendor of the 16/7 is that when a person with this number learns to be free from the illusory world around and is not dependent on it anymore.

Than they will be awakened to the truth, and here, any material losses are meaningless, for they have become one with the Oneness. So, in this good way this is a wonderful number. In the Tarot Card this card is card number 16.

the celtic witch

The Tower. Mars rules this card and the Key word for it is awakening. It comes as a clear flash as understanding, a bolt from the blue bringing awareness. The house of God, the body of the human. Tongues of flames, the Light.

The karmic debt number 19/1

This card can bring positive leadership capabilities in public services. The organisator, the head of … the expressive speaker or lecturer. These people must first learn to serve and than they become perfect natural leaders. They can easily overcome obstacles.

Art and science may also appeal to them

Tremendous vitality and intellect here create a strong mind. Attract money and love. Good marriages, contentment in the home, material happiness, honor and esteem can be theirs. Master your emotions so that emotional upheavals and uncontrolled impulses do not cause material loss and failure.

When negative, this person could lead a double life and create a positive image of themselves as one type of personality while living a secret life of falsity and deceit. In this aspect the 19 is called the spiritual fall.

20428907 – september – october are the months of the zodiac sign of the balance libra is space attribute of justice, balance and equilibrium air, artistic, emotional representatives of this sign

The courage of this person is being tested, and they must learn independence and refrain from self pity

Number 19 is karmic the equalizer and collector. It is always darkest just before the dawn and that is what the number 19 knows very well. Restrain impulsive actions and prepare future plans carefully, otherwise the future looks very uncertain for the negative number 19. If negative, than do not advice other people, because that are not good services.

The Tarot Card for number 19 is the sun

The one who takes the lead as the head of an organisation.
Life power. The key word is regeneration. Astrologically, the sun rules this key, bringing light and life, symbol of the divinity.


We renew our bodies when we renew our mind. The power themselves is neither good or bad – it is how this power is used – the power of the sun is not just a physical power – it is also a living power. What we see in the sun is identical with the spiritual power behind the sun. Everything on earth is a manifestation of the sun.

The 21 rays of the sun represent the 21 keys of the Major Arcana in the Tarot

The nude child riding the horse has sublimated the animal desires and is a symbol of the naked truth and an understanding of things as they really are. You can enter the kingdom of heaven when you become as a little child (Matthew) Bible.

Number 26/8 as being a karmic debt number

Here we see the card ‘the Page of Wands’ in the Tarot. This number of course also has a more good and a more bad site. People who were born under this number have a sportive natural way over themselves, but they are rather impulsive. The life of this people designates a life in which they learn about the world around by a lot of (many times stress) experiences.

Stressful situations eventually developed the self confidence of these persons, at which time and positive action brings prosperity and fulfillment. These people have desire for power, enthousiasme and courage. But that power will come as soon as they have enough self control learned and wisdom and strength will be there when they have learned not to be so impulsive.

Self control patience and endurance are the key – words here. Karmic relationships will always pop up here. And if they are good or bad depends on how the relation was in a past life with those persons they meet.

If they were toxic or very good. This people have a wide angle vision and they can become good speakers, diplomats, lecturers or debaters

Communication is a good way to express for them, they become powerful when they have first power over themselves. Otherwise broken partnerships and indecision and broken contracts and loss can overwhelm them.

But when they live In the right way these people can have a wonderful life with good relations, love and prosperity. Come to my website for free downloads and register for email messages about modern science written by myself.
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