Jyotish Chart Bob Dylan

Bob dylan Rashi chart

Jyotish Robert Allen Zimmerman 

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Bob Dylan is born at:  24-05-1941 om 21.05.00 uur. In Duluth Minnesota V.S.
Lagna or Ascendant in Scorpio in Nakshatra Jyestha

Rashi Chart Bob Dylan

In the Rashi Chart or D1 Chart of Bob Dylan, or Robert Allen Zimmerman we can immediately see that we have someone here with enormous talents. We can see that when we look first at the yoga‘s. He has multiple favorable yoga ’s in the Rashi and also in some other Vargas, like the Dasamsa and Navamsha.


Starting with the Rashi we see that the planet Venus stands strong in own sign in the seventh house in Taurus, what makes him artistic. We see a ‘Sunapha yoga’  that strengthens the wealth, because there are favorable planets in the second house from the Moon. 

In addition, he is also the lucky owner of  ‘Dhurudhura yoga’, which stands for wealth and spirituality. (Ketu in the twelfth house counted from the Moon)

Yoga aspects in his chart 

Also in the Rashi Chart of Bob Dylan we find a ‘Raja yoga’. Raja yoga we see here (because Sun is ruler of tenth house (a Kendra house) and Sun is standing with Jupiter together (which is ruler Trikona house) in house seven in Taurus. A Raja yoga brings strength and power.

Besides of that we found that he also is the lucky owner of a ‘Sharaswati yoga’ in the Rashi. (Jupiter and Venus are standing together in a Kendra,  Venus in her own sign and Mercury in house eighth in his own sign). This ensures happiness, wealth and intelligence.

In his early years it was not really easy for Bob and that is especially true in regards to his feelings and emotions in regard to the situation at home. (The fourth house). Already in his youth he wanted to mean something for the world.


Mars, lord of his Lagna, is situated in his fourth house, here we see his youth, the home situation. Mars in the fourth house in Aquarius makes a seventh aspect to the tenth house in the sign Leo.

(The tenth house is the house of status and occupation) this could say that he likes to be in ‘The Lime Lights’.

He wanted to go for music already at a young age. The Moon stands close with Saturn in the sixth house in Aries. But Saturn is in the sign Aries Fallen, not feeling so well. The sixth house tells something about work, health, sicknesses, collega ‘s, enemies.

He probably felt obstructed during his childhood and had emotional problems

I have read that he was running away from home all the time – at least when he was around 15 or 16 years of age. Here we see that he wanted to go ‘out in the open’. Also indicated that the Sun and Jupiter are in the seventh house and Venus in its own sign in Taurus also in the seventh. The seventh house is the house of  ‘the other, the partners, the mass’ or the spouse. There he wanted to show his talents to the world and wanted to show them for the day.

He listened a lot to music that also contained ‘a message’ 

Music with a message, we can find in his horoscope, because Mercury in the eighth house in Gemini brings that message in through the Saraswati yoga, indicated intelligence and depth. When listening to music, such as the music of  ‘Woody Guthry’ and others, Bob Dylan’s heart ran wild, because that’s what he really wanted to do and what he was doing later on. Bob is not afraid to stand on podia. The people like him and he likes the people for bringing his message.

The Dasamsa or D 10 Chart is about work and reputation 

That he is not afraid to be on stage can also be seen on his Dasamsa. (Varga). You can see it because here the Sun is in Aries in the Lagna and is exalted, what is very good. It says that he probably feels more at home on Stage than anywhere else.

That is why he prospered in relation to his career as a musician and songwriter and still he is a well- known man. Not only because he feels at home on Stage, but also because he has a musical talent as a singer and a songwriter and as a harmonica player. He does things in his own original way.

In his Dasamsa chart Mercury is in his own sign in Gemini, doing well and sitting together with Pluto and Mars in the third house, what is the house of communication

Mars is lord of the Lagna of the Dasamsa chart and sits in the house of communication in the sign Gemini with Mercury, that is all good for the public and fans to see and to hear him, a perfect place for bringing his talents to the world by television and radio or internet .

The Moon and Saturn are in his tenth house in the Dasamsa Chart with Ketu, the South node of the Moon, in the sign Capricorn. Capricorn is all about status and profession. Saturn sitting in its own house Capricorn makes him rather professional. Because Saturn is also dealing with status and profession.

It means that he takes his work seriously

Saturn, the Moon and Ketu are making a seventh aspect to the fourth house, where we find Rahu and Venus sitting. The Moon aspect brings the energy of the Moon to Cancer. The sign Cancer is sitting in the fourth house and as we probably know, Cancer is the sign of the Moon, so that is a very good aspect.

As far as this aspect with the Moon is concerned, this is a positive aspect because the Moon brings the feelings to this fourth house, the fourth house is the house of luck, of feelings, of the home. Special when we have to do with a bright full Moon.

But that is not the case with Bob Dylan, because he was born with dark Moon what reduce the benefit influence of this aspect

The seventh aspect to the fourth with Saturnus creates a distance, what is also the case with the seventh aspect that Ketu makes to the fourth house, where Rahu and Venus are sitting . Sitting cosy at home with his love ones does not work out very well as you can see at this aspect.

Even now that he is older, he has won the much-coveted  ‘Nobel prize for literature’ in 2016 –. I read this in the News paper: In ‘The Guardian’ i read: ‘After months of uncertainty and controversy, Bob Dylan finally accepted the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature at a jovial, champagne-laced ceremony on Saturday, the Swedish Academy announced.


The academy, which awards the coveted prize, ended prolonged speculation as to whether the 75-year-old troubadour would use a concert stopover in Stockholm to accept the gold medal and diploma awarded to him back in October.

They were handed to Dylan at a “private ceremony in Stockholm” attended by 12 academy members, Sara Danius, the academy’s permanent secretary, said in a blog post. “Spirits were high. Champagne was had,” she confided’.

Bob Dylan is currently on the ‘Never Ending Tour’, is what I read and he is still not much at home and living like a troubadour. As for his love life, there are some hooks and eyes; precisely because he is such a celebrity, because he is not much at home.

The love life and information about the soul  we find in the Navamsa or D9 chart

Here we see Rahu in the first house in the Lagna in the sign Pisces. This indicates that he is a spiritual person; Jupiter is the lord of his Navamsa and is sitting in the twelfth house. The house of transformation and spirituality.

With Rahu in the lagna of the D 9 Varga, in this Navamsa, it indicates that Bob Dylan does not want to make concessions in regards to the things he wants to do in life. He has a calling. He is a loyal person, but has a calling that always keeps going, which not every beloved of him experiences as fun. As a result, there have been problems, such as a divorce and the like.

His Sun is in Aries in the second house in exaltation where you can see that he has a good and strong development of soul life. Also the planet Mars, Lord over his 2/9 houses, is in exaltation in Capricorn in house 11 of friends and income in his D 9 Varga .

He is someone who would like to be good for other people, but on the other hand also likes to stand up for the rights of the weak, what he he does clearly through his music. He is not afraid to overturn ‘holy houses’ with Mercury in the eighth house in his Rashi Chart and in the eighth house here in his D 9 Varga. The eighth house stands for the dark side of life. Rebellion, and sometimes occultisme.

He conveys a message and that message is well received by most people

Jupiter as lord of his first house in the Navamsa chart is in Aquarius in his twelfth house with Uranus there in own sign says – that he is a spiritual minded person that likes to go his own way. In the seventh house, the house of relationships we see Ketu in Virgo, what makes him a critical person who can expect difficulties with relations . And lord of the seventh house is Mercury sitting in the eighth house.

The eight house can bring difficulties with it. It is about the dark side of life. It is in Libra here, what is the sign that is about relations. It makes it not easy for him to find the right way or the right person to have a relation with. The relations are changeable and/or unstable.


Ketu makes a seventh aspect to the Lagna in Pisces, and Rahu is sitting in the Lagna in Pisces. That makes him an idealistic person, his first love is music and it will stay like that. Again his lust and life is to carry out his word, he is a man with a calling.

He can be lonely by his way of living as a troubadour, travelling a lot and always away from home. This is a problem for great artists like him. An artist can suffer heartache and even get sick of being in ‘lonely heart-breaks hotels’.

In an older age Dylan became very spiritual and started to sing more spiritual songs

He has strong Jupiter and Sun classes, which makes a spiritual man with an intense soul life out of him. An intense soul life is showed in his Charts with Sun exalted in the Navamsa in the second house and in the Dasamsa in the Lagna and even besides of that he has good planets standing together with Jupiter and Sun in his seventh house in the Rashi. (The Sun is sitting with Jupiter in the Rashi Chart in house seven together with Venus in Taurus).

Maha Dasha

In July 2016 his Maha dasha started in Mercury. In October 2016 Dylan got the Nobel Prize in Literature. Mercury is the planet that brings a message and now he has got this fantastic Prize for spreading his Word.

During this Mercury dasha period it would be good to strengthen Mercury

(Mercury is Lord 8/11). Mercury stands in the eighth house in his Rashi. The eighth house can bring problems and the eleventh house is about money and friends, but also can bring problems. Especially when it comes to preventing calamities and quarrels about money and such.

Also the Moon is a planet that can use more strength in the Chart of Bob, special for his family life and for his well being. (Dark Moon in the sixth house in his Rashi Chart standing close with Saturn in Aries) .

Mercury can be strengthened in several ways

To strengthen the planet Mercury in his chart he could wearing a gemstone that resonates with the planet Mercury.  An Emerald or a green Tourmaline, which he can do on his pink, because the pink is the finger that resonates with Mercury. That would be good on a Wednesday to start wearing it, because Wednesday is the day of Mercury.

A Jade stone is also good for strengthening Mercury and also for a Jade stone – it should be to wear on a Wednesday for the first day.

Another way to strengten Mercury is by singing Mantras.For Mercury include ‘Aum Bhudaya Namaha’. There are several Mantras that one can sing to strengthen a planet during a certain period. For every Planet there are Mantra ‘s.

The singing of Mantra’s has in my experience a very positive effect on the mood; it has a better effect than wearing ‘gemstones’. Especially after doing it regularly and of course only after having sustained it for a while. After some months you will notice the effect.

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