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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was all known as a very nice lady with magnetic charm’s

We can find her charisma and charm as a reflection in her horoscope. In her Sidereal chart. We can see that she is a pretty sexy lady by looking at her Lagna in cancer in the nakshatra Ashlesha (ascendant). And by looking at her sun, her moon and mars position as well. Mercury is the ruler of her ascendant, mercury is located in her eleventh house.

The eleventh house stands for friends and money income. And it stands for groups of people like for instance societies and so on. Rohini is located in her eleventh house with mercury and the sun. In the Hindu lunar zodiac we find that Rohini was the favorite bride of Chandra, who is the Moon God. Rohini became his favorite because of her beauty, her artistic talent and her skills in the field of erotic arts .

Marilyn Monroe has her ascendant or Lagna in the Nakshatra Ashlesha. In the booklet ‘the lunar zodiac’, which you can order at, we find the following key words under Ashlesha: hypnosis, sexual power and controversy. Marilyn Monroe describes all these key words very well.

Especially by the male part of the people who knew her, she could easily seduce by her charme and charisma. And she also lived a controversial life, a trait that the Nakshatra Ashlesha also belonged to as we saw. That is the nakshatra in her ascendant.

Rohini means red, or is referred to as “the red”, associated with passion and sensitivity.
So you see here again in the chart of Marilyn that she was artistic and that she was passionate and went through life like a movie star. She also had a sensual look.She had the sun in Rohini nakshatra.

Therefore, she had no complaints about the number of worshipers and plunged into several love affairs with prominent men, including John F. Kennedy. Her “image” was colored, mainly because of her charm. Moreover, the animal specie at Rohini is also the snake.

So here at the Nakshatra Rohini the snake is eligible again. The Moon is together with Jupiter in Dhanistha in her seventh house, which indicates her partner or lover. Jupiter points to the lover for women charts. In the Hindu lunar zodiac we find the following key words at Dhanistha:

Marilyn Monroe
  • Optimism
  • Wealth
  • Musical talent
  • And even more pleasant qualities

Among which we can find her as someone who was rich and had a pleasant voice, with which she was even singing “Happy Birthday to you” for John F. Kennedy, at his birthday. On the other hand, the sign Dhanistha often has problems with relationships.

And we know that she did have problems with relationships. So we find her moon in her seventh house in Dhanista. There were regularly problems with men (relations) for Marilyn, in her life. All of her relationships were somehow problematic.

The lord of Dhanistha is mars and that indicates passion, where mars is in the sign of Purva Bhadrepada. Purva Bhadrapada stands for passion, fascination for the dark side of life, ambition, warmth, fire and transformation.

Marilyn Monroe also describes this very well as she was, especially regarding her love life. The planet Mars stands in her eighth house. Most of the men she dealt with were powerful, rich and ambitious. Sun and Mercury are in her eleventh house of friendships and income, which shows that she maintained many business contacts with men.

In that way she also came into contact with the underworld through those men and at least one of her loved ones had contact or was related to the Mafia. The “Deity” associated with Purva Bhadrapada is Aja Ekapada, who is a form of Rudra, the storm god, or destroyer.

Therefore, we think that the strange circumstances surrounding her death were related to the planet Mars in the sign of Purva Bhadrapada. Because Mars is the lord of the Nakshatra of the seventh house where the moon of her stands.

The seventh house indicates the loved ones or relationships. Thus, it is likely that one of her loved ones was dealing with her death. In addition, Mars is in the eighth house which is about death. That is the house that has to do with death and longlivety.

In this explanation is particular, the ascendant and the position of the moon, the sun and mercury examined, as well as the planets Mars and Jupiter. And we had a look at the nakshatra ‘s.

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