Numbers and letters

My friend and master in Jyotish astrology from India; Sir Surya Deva Siddhaantaa says: “Frankly I have done research on name number since 2003 – it cannot change anything – our Karma as indicated by Hindu Astrology can hardly change. It can become worse if we do not put in effort. It is said to be collective favorable or unfavorable from our previous births (like a Bank balance whether plus in millions or minus in billions) as indicated in our Birth Charts. ” 

And it is said: ‘the Soul chooses the body, parents, country, place, time to be born to work out our deficit Karma till we can achieve Moksha!’ Right, i think the same. There is no number nine in the Chaldean system – the Chaldean alphabet is the Hebrew alphabet 

The chaldean alphabeth system

Numbers and letters in the Chaldean system

  • A I J Q Y = 1
  • B K R = 2
  • C G L S = 3
  • D M T = 4
  • E H N X = 5
  • U V W = 6
  • O Z = 7
  • F P = 8

The english alphabeth is the Pythagorean alphabeth. Here we see the English Alphabeth


We can find the influence of the numbers in an easy way 

For instance:

We look at a date of birth, for example 30 is your day number and 03 is the number of the month that you were born. That is the month Marz. Than you look at the number of this year right now. That is 2018. Now we make the sum of it. We count it together. In this example it will be: 30 + 03 + 2018 = 3 + 0 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 17/8

Because that number 17 becomes number 8. Why? Because 17/8 you must count the 1 and the 7 together.  That will be 8. It means in this example that the year-number for 2018 for this person is number 8. Number eight stands for Saturnus in astrology. Saturnus is the planet of discipline, the hard worker and many times recognition when we work and perhaps some status.

So this year will be a year with a lot of tools who relates to number eight. With number eight we can loose some weight ! Saturn will help you to do your duties and routines. It brings the rhythm in life

Here you see that the art and science of Astro – numerology involves the skill of blending the principles of Astrology and Numerology. By using these tools we will find out more about ourselves and other people. This understanding by this science brings better contact with yourself and with your relationships and it brings a better understanding about the compatibility in a romantic relationship .
And it also can bring a better contact with family or friends. Understanding brings more happiness and joy and forgiveness.

radha and krishna

To find out if the relationship will be long lasting you can cheque the numbers of you and your partner. Getting the answers to these questions helps us for better understanding in work and in relationships.

The influence of the year numbers:

Personal year number 1
Number 1 is a number of new beginnings, and number one is like the sun, it has initiative leadership, and it stands like the sun for expression, warmth and ego .
For the personal number for you as number one this is a good time to take action on plans that have been in the works for a while, just go for it!

Personal year 2
We know that number two stands for the moon, and the moon stands in astrology for partnerships, and for team oriented activities , they are favorite. For example: going to a social or networking event has potential to yield an important new contact.


Personal year 3
Number three stands for jupiter in astrology.
And jupiter can bring a creative boost for you.
Take classes designed to draw out your imagination or that encourage you to expand your philosophical outlook .
Jupiter is the planet of expansion.

Personal year 4
Number four stands for the planet earth in astrology and it can bring you stability, and it allows the energy of efficiency, dedication and responsibility to enter your life.
Work that requires detail orientation and concentration goes better than expected.

Personal year 5 
The number five stands for mercury, and mercury is in astrology the planet for communication .
That is why this year by the tools of mercury the year will bring you: communication, learning,
studying, teaching, debating and any other activity where you are discussing ideas.
Writing pieces for publication or private Journal are good activities this time.

Personal year 6
For people with the number 6, that stands for venus, this year 2015 will bring a quality time with your family and you will participate in fun activities with them.
You may also be in the mood for shopping for new clothes or re-decorating your home.
Because the planet venus stands for fun, love and beauty, as we know.

Personal year 7
When your number is seven in 2015, than you will get the tools for reflection, meditation and personal study. You benefit from spending time by yourself and thinking upon subjects that are important to you.
Because number seven is a spiritual number and it stands for Ketu, the shadow planet that is the South Node of the moon in astrology, it also stands for past lives, and things that we have been through, and do not need to go after anymore. Detachment!

Personal year 8
Number eight stands for saturnus, and saturnus stands for hard working, and discipline, it can help you to get recognition in some area of life. This is a good year for buying luxury items and for doing the things that you have to do.

Personal year 9
You will benefit from volunteering your time to those who need it, because number nine stands for socialising, it stands for the planet mars, that brings energy, and going out.


And it stands for young energetic people where you can spend more time with than you perhaps are used to do. Trust your intuition when it comes to interactions with children. On my web blog i will explane more about numbers. About the meaning and about the influence of them.

Thank you, Dorien Jansen 

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