In order to present you with an horoscope or an numerology rapport I need to know some things from you .
First step is that i need to know your birth information.

Please write an email to: or to:
In that email mention:

Your name (For the numerology rapport I need your full names as written on your birth certificate or    passport)


Dorien in bos
  • Your birthdate – day of birth (1 to 31)
  • Month (name of the month)
  • Year of birth
  • Town of birth (in case it is a small town, please mention the nearest city)
  • State of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Notition in time (always mention the time of birth using 24 hours notation, which means for example 12:20 hours). 

Please wait till you have received my confirmation email saying that your order is ready to be processed.

Second step: payment. After you have received the confirmation email from me, you can complete your order by going to the Contact page to pay me by PayPal.

When the payment has been completed I will sent the horoscope to you in your email, so i need your email adres. Or we can make an appointment when you like to hear the message of your horoscope by phone or by Skype .
You will find my PayPal on the ‘contact page’ on this website.
To make your numerology chart I need your official names, but not the name of your husband .

Why you should look at your Sidereal chart or Vedic (Indian) horoscope?

I think you should do that because it is good to know more about yourself .
When you know more about yourself it will be more easy to live your life.
For instance by making difficult choices about what profession you will do or about what study you should do when you do not know exactly what to do .
In an horoscope you will see what fits the best for you.

Prices and rules

There are some rules that I keep in mind. I do not give answers on precair questions, like questions on health, pregnancy, death, finance or legal matters due to law. When you have other questions we will oversee them together, so we can look for a solution or outcome if you like.

  1. In order to engage in an astrology reading or in an numerology reading you have to be old enough.
  2. Be over 18 years of age.
  3. You have paid for your reading before i start the work
  4. I will get in contact with you as soon as i have got your mail
  5. And tell me already in your mail your data of birth, so i can look for your chart. Data of birth as i asked for (see upstairs)
  6. When you give me your full names like they are on your passport, i can make your numerology chart as well
  7. I will make your horoscope/numerology rapport personal on paper for you and send it to you by mail

In case I have received your payment we can do the reading fast, you do not have to wait a long time.
Email readings will be send to your personal email, than do not forget to give the right email adres to me.
I will contact you again when I have your payment and your names and data received.
If you did submit payment – mail or phone me.

The Netherlands T. 0031618676720
The Netherlands T. 0031618792614

By submitting payment you agree to these terms which cannot be revoked.
We do not refund payments when you did pay and did not react with a call or an email.
So mail or call me first, than we can see what you like.



One hour astrology consultation on Skype or phone costs 100, – euro
Your horoscope and/or numerology rapport send by mail 125, – euro
The rapports will be made by me.
(It takes two or three days before the horoscope and/or the numerology rapport are ready on paper).

My Skype name is Radclyffeja
For more information Contact me – see the ‘contact page’ on this website.
See my PayPal here.

Dorien Jansen