The count of Saint Germain

Here we speak about a very special person

A master of ancient wisdom. He was a well-known man, but nobody knew his real name or where he exactly came from. He traveled all over the world and was in touch with a lot of court people.

Saint Germain was dressed odd most of the time and they never saw him eat. He did not grow old in his appearance, instead of that, he was looking around forty years old all the time.

He was a great alchemist and was wearing diamonds on his shoes and sometimes on his clothes as well.

And by the way, he could speak all languages from all over the world

So, over the years he became well-known by high society. Also he was in touch with many secret societies, special with the Rosicrucian’s. This mystic count even was in touch with madame Blavatsky and with several queens and kings and Casanova was a good friend. You see, he was a man of knowledge and charisma.

The most known he was for his knowledge of gems. He could change led into gold and could create an elixir for immortality. (The philosopher stone?)

Some folks say that he could be more than 400 years old. (They remembered him from other incarnations). Even today he walks this earth they say. They think that he is hiding in the shadows, pulling the strings from the dark. He has a great impact on people and he likes to bring the world in a better harmony, so they think.

Over the years we know many mysterious stories about him. The man with diamonds on his body and his shoes. An eccentric man, there is really something about him. When he got older he even looked younger.

He is and was an artist as well, he wrote wonderful music and painted beautiful paintings with special colors. Nobody knew where he got that special colors from. Imagine how wonderful!

He was outstanding and one day they arrested him, but he became free pretty soon.

He was in touch with the queen and king of France during the French revolution.

Through his wisdom and knowledge he was a influencer with good advices. And during those times they did experiments with different sorts of gems. Saint Germain is and was a healer and could repair gems and make them look bright as well.

Anyway, he died in 1784 and probably reincarnated again later on with another name. The French authorities buried all his possessions when he was death. Or they stole it from him.

Saint German was a prophet and could predict the future in detail. He was seen as a mystic and everybody loved him at the courts where he came a lot.

Was he an ascended master?

It looks like that.

He was well aware of the things around him. A real influencer for the good of humanity and he saw the possibilities of things that are going to come.

He left some beautiful music and nice paintings on earth I guess.

All together it is a bit strange. Some people were afraid of him and said that he was the devil himself. Because he knew everything and he traveled a lot.

He was a supporter of royalty, a man of science that admitted stability.

A fascinating guy in my opinion.

Dorien Jansen