The court cards of cups

The king of cups

This is the Lord of Waves and Water, that is our King of Cups. Often defined as the fiery aspect of water. We speak here about an actual person with influence. But imagine, as water has a lot of moves, people can have a lot of moods. Influences from within or from the outer world can be strong.


Anyway, it is a fact that water has a lot to do with people. We cannot live without, and sometimes we cannot live with it. So here you see that it can also indicate a mood-shift or a change of mode.

Our body is made for the most part by water, that is why the resonance with water is so sensible. Since the Suit of Cups is all about love and loving relationships, it’s easy to see how the King can be regarded as the lover of the cards.

When representing a mood-shift, the card can indicate the period where a man falls in love.
As long that love can do a lot with and within the human being, sometimes it will be complex for the King to be in love.

That period also the King can walk with his head in the clouds and feeling himself in heaven on earth

Than it is possible that he forgets to look in his agenda for the normal business duties as he normale was used to. He will forget the normal things and perhaps he walks through the days that he is so much in love,

Like a chicken without a head like a bit of a fool, so to say

But hopefully this will only be the habit during a short time. Soon he will get awake by doing to many things wrong and he will appear like the old sensitive cleaver charmeur again. This people can be creative and visionare, sensitive, romantic and intense.

These charming men will give the impression of being open and caring, though this is often misleading. Well, everything has two sides, so that is the case here as well. The King is caring, but on the other side of caring a lot, he needs very much to be cared off.

He needs a lot of attention and sometimes he needs a lot of nurture. Anyway, these people are nice company for women, because they understand most of the time the feminine side of the brain very good, and he knows how to work with it. With his silver tongue, he sounds sweet and charming. Thereby, he might manage a powerful personal agenda, that looks great from the outside. But rarely he will manage practical matters well

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At his worst, he can be unfaithful and selfish. And he can be someone who is not to rely on. On his best side, he is loving, generous with his emotions, supportive and tender.

The Cup – cards are connected with the water signs. Those signs are Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. The most emotional signs of the zodiac

This sensitive kind of men can be attracted to the occult or the spiritual realms. He can be capable to tab in, in his strong intuition. With a sense of humour and a keen interest in other people, he is a fine man to have around – but only at his best and when he feels shore about himself. It always will stay contradictory, because sensitive people most of the time are moody. And people always will have the space to choose or feel the mood where they are in at specific moment.

Moody people, special the water signs, they are the most moody. By the way, the energy of this card of the King of Cups is quite fascinating

Because it has to do with the ways in which energy flows in your home, and how that contributes to your overall well-being and comfort. With a lot of influence from the cups cards we like to make our homes comfortable in a way that has a lot to do with energy. For instance, like Feng Shui did some time ago. It’s rather like the Western version of Feng Shui, and relates to the management of Tellurgic Energy (this is the stuff that flows through ley-lines) .

The King of Cups is master over these flowing energy. So on a day when this card comes up, it might be useful to have a think about the ways in which energy flows through your home. Do you often close or block off doors ?

Are there areas in the house where accidents often happen for no good reason? Are you breaking more plates in the kitchen or dining room than anywhere else? What about your bedroom? Does it serve as a tranquil, restful haven or does it tend to make you uneasy or restless? How are your dreams like and can you remember them? On which side is your head when you go to sleep?

Take a look at this list below which indicates what you draw in from each of the Quarters and Cross-Quarters of the room

King of Cups

East – Settled family life. South East – Good finances, profitable speculation. South – Public recognition, particularly in the arts.

South West – Strong partnerships – both personal and business. West – Spiritual protection, and material advancement. North West – Travel and international trade.

North – Success in business. North East – Help with studies and training. Try out what is said here and have fun. The interesting thing is that once you achieve your aim, you can move your bed to secure the next one, without losing the first one! Know the strength of natural energies.

The queen of cups

If the Queen of Cups appears in a reading to indicate a woman, she will be a gentle and tranquil woman, romantic and tender by nature. A day – dreamer – perhaps a bit unrealistic – but creative and hopeful.

She is often involved in creative or literary pursuits, and enjoys art, good music, literature and things of beauty. She is unstinting in her readiness to nurture others and she’s often connected with motherhood, and mothering

She wil be an intuitive and psychic person. Her foremost ability in this area is a talent for simply absorbing energies around her and reflecting them back, unchanged. In this aspect she can often be a reveler for those around her.

When the cards do not lay smooth and nice the gentleness and tranquillity can change and convert to weakness and unspoken resentment. Than it is possible that she nurtures for the sake of inducing dependency, and places undue importance on being in a relationship, no matter what.

Than she will have difficulties by being alone. Her reflective quality backfires so that she begins to take on the attitudes and thoughts of others. Sometimes that does not make her happy at all. When the card comes up to indicate a change in some-one’s response, we see the woman in love entering into the deepest and most emotional realms of her personality. In a refreshing way.

Sometimes the card will come up to indicate a woman acting as priestess of the Goddess. We know that this Queen of the cups, of the element water, rules the realms of love and beauty – mundane and spiritual. She indicates the inner reflective quality which allows us to relate to the imaginal and dreaming qualities.


Imagine that to day she is ruling everything around you and she is ruling you as well. What will happen? Than it is the time for reflections about love and than it is time to seek out beauty. But since this card is an inward looking one, in many respects, we need to look at ourselves more than we look outside.

Seek out the lovely, loving things in you. Search for your own beauty. Try to identify the things in yourself that you are glad to have as a part of you. Find things about yourself which are beautiful.

klank schaal

One important aspect of the Queen of Cups is her  ability to let us reach inside and see things from a different perspective.

She gives us permission to be in love with and satisfied by ourselves, to shine on the Light in herself and on others. Bright light as a lovable radiant being. We all are bright light’s.

The prince of cups

Men represented by this card are complex and powerful beings. Imagine, they are self-contained even secretive giving an impression of calmness and serenity. However under that veneer they can often be intense and volatile. They tend to hide their deepest passions and to protect them fiercely. That information i found out about the Prince of water. It seems to me, that they are sensitive and introvert.

This wonderful card indicates that these people are often creative and that they most of the time artistically or musically are inclined

Prince of cups

They are always deep involved in these areas, because of their sensitivity as being a water sign. Many of the more successful artists and musicians in our lives would come up as aPrince of Cups. Emotionally

Emotionally they can sometimes be turbulent and moody, but can also often hide their emotions and refuse to share them with others.

However, having a highly developed sensitivity to emotional ups and downs, they will identify yours even before you have. Talking to somebody like this about emotional matters is usually a rewarding experience; they can feel what you feel. 

If this card comes up to indicate an alteration in a person’s behaviour, it will generally indicate a man moving into a new romantic relationship and feeling somewhat troubled by this

The King is the card that comes up to indicate a man happily falling in love, but the Prince is more introvert and intuitive and listens to his feelings very closely. When the moon surrounds this card or the seven of cups this person is not shore about him self, and it can be a sign that even danger is near by.

Also the seven pentacles can bring some frustration. Than look also if the seven of swords surrounds this card to clarify. Because inner personal worries can cause problems when those cards are surrounded. This card the Prince of Cups, represents the watery quality of air, and as such being so, it brings a very important life principle to our experiences when it is ruling at a moment in your life.

three cups by the fay tarot

It teaches us about how to shape our desires into realities and offers a powerful supportive energy to assist us. As we’ve said so often, the things that we wish hardest for and invest most energy into, manifest in our lives. This is why it is so crucial to be vigilant and watchful about the way we’re thinking and feeling.

As soon as we sink into negativity, like loneliness, grief or suffering we inadvertently introduce even more negativity into our lives.

Likewise, when we want something strongly enough, and charge that desire with our longing, our hope, our positive energy we will find that thing manifesting for us. This card teaches us how to do this, how to explore our dreams, our desires, our wishes and to propel them into everyday life.
So importent.

The things we work with can be material, emotional or spiritual – the Prince of Cups works with desire on all levels

All we have to do is wish hard enough. And his energy will help us to achieve our aims. It is all about what you really really want. Visualise it with the strongest feelings that you can get from your own inside and push them out into the universe. Stay alert, over the four weeks which follow, for signs that you are moving closer to your goal, or have already achieved. Keep on doing this – wishing and hoping and believe in it, and than let it go.

The princess of cups

If this card comes up to represent a person, this person is good news. She will be a gentle, romantic individual with high levels of intuition. The Princess of Cups is compassionate and caring, warm and responsive. She is at peace with her emotional nature, often highly creative and artistic.

She has a certain fragility, particularly when coming into contact with the harsher realities of everyday life, and will not always cope well with conflict. In her world, tranquility and harmony are highly valued. If, as often happens with the Princesses of the deck, the card comes up to represent a change in events, there are some different interpretations. It depends than on the other cards what will be the outcome.

Princess of cups

For instance, the Princess of Cups will sometimes come up to indicate forthcoming pregnancy. The card also appears to indicate a woman falling in love.

And if the card applies to a state of mind, then it will indicate heightened perception, and tells you to listen carefully to the voice of your own intuition, to listen to yourself.

She is a dreamer and dances her dreams into manifestation, thus revealing one of her more secret aspects. This card represents the earthy part of water……where dreams can become reality. When this card is surrounded for example by the nine of cups, (the Wish Card) than it can manifest a very auspicious set of circumstances!

Probably dreams will come true there right away. Just be aware. The push and shove of daily life, the pain, the sadness and the suffering can all make us afraid to dream, to wish, to hope. Often we lose sight of the fact that, if we do not dream our dreams, we shall have no dreams come true.

In our darkest moments, if we can only, even for a single second, dream of golden shiny happy days, of contentment and a sense of safety in our lives, then we give the Princess of Cups something to dance into reality for us.

It is all possible and true, and we know already that the universe is working like that, for us. What ever we do not, not stand for, will not happen. But by wishing and hoping and dreaming …… the Princess will have something to work for on our behalf !

When your life is full and happy and ruled by this card in your good days, than think also on those who suffer. And give love and peace a chance. May Peace Love Light and Happiness stay for ever in our lives.

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