The court cards of disks

The court cards represent significant people who will enter your life. These personalities are complex, like we are,they can be good and can be bad or in the middle. It depends of course on what cards are around them and it depends on the question you would like to know.

Take a look if the cards are in reverse yes or no.With the disks it is mostly a lot about matter, about the body and about multiplication of ones talents and harvesting what counts.

The minor Arcana represents our choices and actions through the realisation of our destiny

The major Arcana represents the Major Stations, the great mysteries with 22 cards. With 57 cards we see the Minor Arcana represented

The King of Disks

With the King of Disks we see a man who is deeply committed to practical matters in life – work, career, home and family are his major spheres of influence. He is diligent, hard-working and pays great attention to detail. We think at mother earth and nature, expression in the matter, manifestation. His progress in life is a steady, sure development of ongoing projects, which he works through with great industriousness and perseverance. Not for him, risky schemes, nor extravagant business deals.

He moves with caution and circumspection, consolidating each step forward before taking the next one. The signs in astrology Taurus, Virgo and Capricornus are involved as being the earth signs. Most of the time these people have the wonderful talent of being quiet and relaxed.

They love nature and are not hasty at all

Some would consider him dull and boring – others would call him prudent and reliable. Disks males have a capacity for deep and boundless passion – they just don’t shout too loudly about it. The life with him may not be a roller-coaster ride, you will surely know what to expect, and what you can count on, what brings a\ lot of peace and rust for other more nervous people of course.

the floh king of pentacles

He makes an excellent business partner, particularly for the high-flyer, because he introduces fore-thought and pre-planning.He’s a faithful and dependable partner and a committed father he is as well.

In divination, when coming as the people like this in your life, the King of Disks often represents a person having influence over your financial situation, like for example your boss or your bank manager.

At his deepest level this King is about material and physical resources, and he is about how we handle them. He has a lot to teach us about good management and attention to detail. If imagine yourself in his place, when the king of pentacles is you. Than, spend a little time going over your finances, and your overall material position.

Look at all the stuff you’ve had in that box at the back of the cupboard for a while, and go through your insurance policies, and other important financial documents. It brings you close to this earth sign and at least you’ll know where they all are next time you need them.

At best, you could stumble across something important and rewarding. If all your paper-work is already in order, then spend some time assessing the ways in which you spend your money, and decide whether it’s going the way you want it to. Often you’ll get a fresh perspective on something that you had taken for granted before. Remember that your effort brings reward!

The Queen of disks

Queen of pentacles

As the Queen of the pentacles or disks,this card is most connected to the home environment, families, material things and fecundity. The woman here represented by the Queen of Disks will most likely be a person whose attention centres upon the family environment.

Here, she will excel, gaining a great deal of pleasure from providing a secure haven where she and others can feel cosseted and cared for. On some nice tarot cards we see a woman here surrounded by nature, animals and little children in a most beautiful garden.

That really looks fantastic and happy to me. In modern times the qualities for which this Queen stands have tended to be devalued and downgraded sometimes by ‘housewife’, but a housewife can be a very happy wife of course.

What is wrong by being a house wife?

As long as she has good friends and some family around her, she has a wonderful life. Important here is to feel warm and welcome in the own house with the own people. We want to feel nurtured and secure. So perhaps it’s time to re-instate the Queen of Disks to her rightful place – Regent to the Empress and important to everybody. Furthermore, maybe we need to invoke our own caring qualities more readily, so that we all pour our unique energies into our domestic surroundings.

If the Queen of Disks is ill-dignified in a reading, than it is not so good, she will generally have lost sight of her position – or perhaps, is being taken for granted by others, or not get the love and respect that she desires

At that point the weaker side of her personality will show through, because without love and respect doing everything to make things nice and cosy, she may become dependent and clingy, believing herself to be unable to stand alone, or she could make troubles, run away or becomes like a rebel, or she might manipulate by adopting a passive victim’s role.

Though usually the type of woman indicated by the Queen of Disks is a gentle soul, when angered she can become a fierce enemy, particularly where she sees injustice done to her family and friends. She’s loyal and willing to help, rooted in the practical aspects of life as long as the people around her also stay nice and tender as the way she is herself. Her concept of spirituality centres on the nourishing aspects of her personality – she is there for a facilitator, quietly assisting others and nice and tender for the children and animals around her.

Anyway she maintains a strong link with Nature, loving plants, trees and animals, children and she is a good architect and good at healing arts and jobs in the garden. (nine of disks) If you should go in her place like a day ruled by the Queen of Disks you should turn your attention to the practical roots of our security and sense of domestic contentment.


Because this Queen provides us with a stable foundation from which to move forth into the often turbulent forces of life. When we feel safe and at peace, because we have our own nice place, little heaven, when we have a place to rest and regenerate, we function much better as human beings. We are than more tolerant, less fearful, more compassionate and less grasping.

This is a good idea on such a day to do something to love yourself and environment better. And also do something to make that environment more welcoming, more attuned to our own sense of peacefulness. We can do this in many different ways.

For ourselves, we can take half an hour or an hour out to do the things which make us feel at peace. We could do some work in the garden, or take a long relaxing bath, or cook ourselves something special to eat, or listen to music with a whole head, or whatever else makes us feel gentle and timeless and happy.

For our homes, we can buy something that makes things more comfortable, or we can re-arrange something so it’s more pleasing. Clean up and make the place comfortable. The key here is to spend time and energy both on yourself, and your home-place. And to do both of these things with the intent to harmonise more thoroughly, to feel more rested and centered, to make it beautiful.


Remember -our intentions, when coupled with actions, have a powerful influence on our environment. They create new streams of energy which will manifest. Here it is all about home – happy home and family. In creating a happy environment on the physical level .

We become empowered to create a happy environment within ourselves too. And that’s a very nourishing experience. The heart will feel good in that home!

The Prince of Disks

The man represented by the Prince of Disks is a quiet and meditative man, who works with unfailing determination and is dedicating towards the goals he sets himself. He is also reliable and resourceful. He is more imaginative than the King of Disks, though he has the same quiet strength and gentleness.

His quality of contemplation often yields fruit in surprising ways, generating a deep and broad-sweeping understanding about the inner workings of life. If he is ill-dignified, the Prince of Disks can become stubborn and short-sighted – even bloody-minded in his attitudes. Faithful and loyal himself, he will not tolerate faithlessness in others.

Neither will he accept lack of integrity, nor dishonesty

He is hard-working, trustworthy and inventive, often producing unusual yet practical solutions which resolve otherwise in tractable problems.

As a friend he is non-judgemental and supportive, though capable of shedding new perspectives on situations

Prince of disks

He’s generally a good listener, though he has little patience with his trioniksand manipulation. His approach to life overall is one of industrious practicality. He believes that all things yield to a determined will and well-directed activity.

Though emotionally he at first gives the impression that he is solid and perhaps even a little unimaginative, when his feelings are roused, he can be deeply passionate and sensual.

He rarely comes up to indicate a change of mood in a person, though sometimes he will appear to indicate someone learning to take responsibility in everyday life.

Further, the Prince of Disks has an unfailing determination to reach his goals, achieve his ambitions and create a world he is comfortable to live in. He has an interesting way of doing this – he takes every task a stage at a time.There’s the satisfaction of completing something – even though you might still be aware that this particular piece of work is just one step in the journey.

Another plus is that work unfolds in a productive stream – each process deriving from the last. This often allows you to pick up on any detail you may have overlooked or missed. Also there is a consistent sense of progress – a feeling that you are drawing closer to your goals.Every single achievement is composed of many small acts which add together to create the whole.

The Prince of Disks is a fertile and abundant card – it signifies the planting of seeds which will grow into great big trees. The tree would not exist without the seed which was planted in the very first place

the court cards of disks

On a day ruled by the Prince of Disks, you need to take everything a stage at a time. Decide early on what you’re actually hoping to achieve during the day – and make this a reachable goal.

Then plot your method of working toward it.
Now … off you go! Your affirmation now sounds like: ‘I Know now where my goals are and work towards them’.

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