The court cards of wands

The King of wands

What we see here is a loving person with an open mind. That says a lot about these wand cards overall. Also when these court cards are laying quietly it represents a strong sense of morality and not to forget, many times with these wands fire cards, we get some humour in our lives.

It always makes things lighter and brighter


A lot of activity we find in the fire people court cards. There is always the energy and a willingness to help. When we are talking about the men right here, we see that these persons many times are occupied in a profession where they can look after humanity.

For example as a doctor or searchant or in another healing profession. We can find them in areas where they are required to assist, guide and support others.Mostly in active or powerful ways. They love nature and like to be occupied in sports and most of the time they like children and animals a lot .

Respect is always with them and normally they are help-full

A faithful and dedicated family-man we will find in the King of Wands, he is very enthousiast and full of compassion. Sometimes quiet and engaged in domestic situations. Idealistic and accepting the frailty by trying or being strong most of the time.

We can say that the fire people are warm and they do not like to see any failure or pain, special not in the family. He stands up for things that matters and is protective in his or her nature. When this card effects you, it will say to you that you should stand for things that matters and specially when it is somebody or something that cannot defend itself.

Unexpected shifts of energy suddenly can take place, so that blockages of energy inside are swept out firmly. They get out of the way and that is for your good, because than you can follow your way without those obstacles. The Lord of Lightening (this King of wands) will help you, do not worry! Be alert, nature will interrupt and you will get help. Take action and after that, sit back, waiting for the next nudge. Open yourself to your own succes.

The Queen of wands

The wands, as a suit, are direct determined and connected to will. They are going to there goal and its appropriate application. So we see that here also with the queen of wands. This is a queen who knows what she wants out of life, and this queen has the reach over a great dedication.

Often we see that she is a woman who knows about life ’s trauma and has learned from it. Independent is what she is and she can motivate herself and goes forwards, no matter what. Sometimes she gives advice that others did not ask for at all and than sometimes she tries to take over the circumstances, but not meaning that in a bad way, rather in a good way. It is the fire element that speaks here.

These queens as a parent can be quite dominant, claiming that she wants her off spring to be self reliant and confident

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And sometimes she tends to become impatient, and do things on their behalf in her own way, rather than allowing her children to make up their own minds.

It happens often that these fire women like to be the father and the mother of the children, and in that times she can make it alone if she likes to do so. They have the power, strength and energy and can go for it. She’s a fighter, and do not fool with her……..

She will support and assist those who are vulnerable and needy, offering unceasing energy and determination

Even so she is a protector of the more week and very young. She takes up causes readily, and proves herself a worthy adversary. However she has a tendency not to know when to stop, and enjoys being at the forefront of the battle, as fire-some as she is!

She can be sometimes over-enthousiast when she speaks. Also she can provocate when she really stands for something. You see now that the fire queen is a forceful and proud woman. She applies high standards to everything she becomes involved in.

As a result, she can sometimes be somewhat intolerant of people who do things differently, or impatient when they do not understand her soon enough. But she in fact is a warmhearted person, she always will be. Only, be aware, that she can be a dangerous enemy.

A woman represented by the queen of wands will be a strong person, forthright and sometimes painfully honest. She’s experienced, capable and determined. She makes a reliable and trustworthy friend, and a very worthy adversary. But be aware again, that she does not like when people offer opinions when it has not been asked for, because she knows what she wants and knows about her own opinions.

Outspoken and well. You better consider what you say. Remember that the queen cards many times have to do with time and timing, and that implicate that this wands queen something has to say about the time that things will happen soon what is involved with action, sports, fights or flaming conversations. For example with an enemy or with your own friend.

Also when the wand cards are in reverse, than be aware about that. And have a good look at the other cards around the wand card or if there are more wand cards around! She is generous, full with compassion and caring with attention, she likes to guidance and support. She will empower and help you. The power of love works through you, when the card stands for you as the queen of fire and it will make you a radiant, strong being.

The Knight of wands

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The person represented by the knight of wands will be an active, energetic person, with a warm and generous heart, and a good sense of humour. He will have a natural and infectious optimism about him, tackling every aspect of his life with enthousiasme and vigour.

Because his heart is full of fire and impulses. He is an open minded person, who is not afraid to say his thoughts and he will be friendly and open in his attitudes. He knows what he ‘s worth. Healing, development and encouragement fits with him. Mostly the knight is envolved in this kind of work and he is supportive and help-full in that way .

He is easy going and optimistic and thereby he conceals a deeply rooted moral sense

At his best, he stands up for all what is right and of course he is very protective for those who are more vulnerable than himself. If the card comes up to indicate an inner response, rather than an actual person, it will signify rising confidence levels, and a positive attitude to life.

This card is often the result of overcoming fears and surmounting obstacles which have previously hindered us, or held us back. A very good card indeed. With the force of fire the chakra ’s can be cleaned and obstacles we can get rid of, by doing Kundalini meditation for instance.

The Page of wands

This card is full of boundless energy and power. Here we see the healing rush of force, producing enthousiasme and exhilaration. The page is always a younger person, and younger than the knight or the king or the queen. Most of the time younger in age, but sometimes it is a person that is more immature.

So we see him or her also as a younger person, because that person still has to learn a lot. Their many attributes to work with and the suit of Wands relates to morality and a strong sense of ethics. So this card also draws in matters of integrity and honesty, like we saw also in the other wand cards. When this card points especially to you at this moment, than you can expect to feel full of life, ready to tackle any challenge.


Than be alert for situations in which you are able to assist somebody else who has need of your strength

Also, be aware how you feel on that moment. Because such a feeling full of strength and power perhaps will not be there so often, or it will not stay for a long time within you. Remember that feeling for lesser days and than try to get it back.

This card brings verve in our lives and sets us free of limitation and self doubt

Feel the force, and feel the warmth. Joy and excellent progress brings this card, when no other less lucky cards are involved. When this card appears, you are emerging from a tough time in your life, this Page will mark a turning point where things begin to improve and brighten up.

One of the key phrases often associated with this card is ‘out of darkness, into light’. No limits are here and your life is filled with boundless energy. Such a wonderful card.

The Princess of wands

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(American beauty)

This card represents dynamic passion – for life in general. If it comes up relating to an inner energy then it will indicate that you are overcoming old fears, breaking out of old patterns, and setting yourself free.

There will be confidence, decisive action, an assertive leap forward into the heart of your life

It will often come up to indicate that you have broken through habitual limitations and restrictions, thereby freeing off your power to be used constructively. A though bossy

She will face her fears and overcome them. She has got what it takes how to deal with them. She will be strong, forceful and determined like the other wands court cards. And she is faithful and a trustworthy friend, whose insight and perception will often steer you in the right direction. Energetic, enthousiast about life with a big personality. As a partner she’s independent, sometimes touch, stubborn, but loyal and caring.

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These are often career women, and usually they wait till later on to start families. She will be experienced, and intelligent, though regularly you find that such young women have had to learn most of their lessons the hard way.

As an enemy she’s dangerous – she’s usually outspoken, and unafraid to express her anger

If you manage to make an enemy of one of these women, you need to think very carefully about how that happened. Mostly their engagement with life is so total that they don’t waste time on negative pursuits. So do not argue to much with her. All the wand people place morality and ethics high on their list of priorities.

Releasing fears and confidence and self trust are the good aspects of this card

Honest and decent as they are

Look at those aspects within yourself. Shape your own original future, be free and independent and live and feel the full life-style. The princess of wands says so. Get rid of your garbage (also mental, and emotionally).

Get rid of those fears, it will not help, take a look at your fears and keep the true help-full ones only. Throw away the other fears through the toilet. Visualise that those fears are gone and see how much space you have got back. Release yourself and fill yourself with confidence and self trust

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