The eye of the tiger

eye of the tiger

The eye – tigers eye crystal gemstone – is a great crystal that can help discern truth from lies and error. It cuts through illusions, false beliefs that zap and drain energy. This gemstone brings joy and power.

This gemstone beholds a lot of good qualities. It is famous for many things. This tiger eye keeps us in harmony and in balance and it protect us from evil.

And we can use some protection these days.Tiger eye is the stone that fits with the Manipura chakra.

The gemstone – Tiger Eye – influences our Solar Plexus and our Root chakra

The chakra of the Solar Plexus is very important, it is called the Manipura chakra. It is the chakra that can give you more or less self esteem. It is the energetic wheel of power and is situated a bit above the navel in the body.

This chakra in the middle of our body has a lot to do with harmony – with being fearful or with being brave

(A little bit fear does not the matter, because we need that to protect ourselves from danger, we have to be alert. As we all know, fear is the most destructive energy we have, when we have too much of it. The eye of the tiger takes too much fear away. You can hold the stone in your pocket or wear it like a neckless. It can help to feel more powerful and when we feel ourselves that way, we are more open minded and able to absorb and to receive the messages from the cosmic waves.

Everything that comes to us starts with an idea, with a seed that becomes manifested. We get inspired when the idea starts working. We, human beings are the holders of three bodies, but it looks like one body. The physical body is what we all see.The etheric body is the most fragile, sensitive body that we use. We have to keep our bodies clean and happy.


Just by having good positive thoughts and by loving ourselves first and others too. In the aura we can see if everything is alright. The aura is not always easy to see. But when you try – you will. Observe your aura in the mirror, go sit before a white wall and put the lights down, so it is not too bright.

Than, most of the time somebody else can see your auro if he or she stands some steps away from you. You also can feel your aura if you try to do so. When we are enslaved on alcohol or drugs or pills – the poison can stay in our system and we can see or feel that very well in the aura. Sometimes the color of the aura is grey or dull and that is not a good sign, as we can imagine. The color has to be bright. We have to get rid of poison in the body.


Bad food, drugs and negative thoughts effect the etheric body and the other bodies as well.

But we can cleanse it and try to stay clean. To clean the body there are tools we can use. The best way for our bodies to stay healthy is to be in harmony.

Emotions have influence on our health. Feelings are enormous important and so are words and thoughts. Love yourself. Here all good things start.

Bad old memories can make us sick or sad, do not let it bring you down.

The violet flame

Now it is time to tell you the secret methode for cleansing your mind, your aura and the spiritual, mental and psychic bodies that we all carry with us. It is the methode with the violet flame. After doing this methode regularly we will shine and glow all the time. We choose the color violet because that is the most powerful color.

It is the most high color in the sector what we are able to see with our eyes. It is the visual highest vibration. A high vibration and a powerful tool. Invoke and start using that violet flame that transmute the negativity. Allow yourself, and imagine, visualise to be transmuted.

In the mean time, follow your dreams, that is an idea…. Imagine, that you leave your bad habits behind and clean your aura with the violet flame of Saint Germain. (It is called the violet flame of Saint Germain, because he was the person that found out about this way of cleaning). The violet flame burns the dust away and cleans the body.

We are powerful and mighty beings

The story of Germain goes like this: Saint Germain was – a long time ago – living as a Holy man, admired by many. They called him the wonder man and people thought that he could not die and that he never ate. It is said about Saint Germain that he wrote beautiful music and that he was a briljant person. He was an alchemist, an artist and he was a real knowerman about history.


In Tibeth they teach that the ‘Holy Being’ is already in yourself. But you can look to find a holy being first outside yourself, by a real special person, by a picture or by meeting a special being alive. (A guru).

Imagine: ‘The wonder man’ or ‘the man who would not die’. Or ‘the Holy Mary’. Nobody knew where he came from, Saint Germain. He spoke every language; he never seemed to age. Saint Germain appeared to be a sort of Casanova, a entertainer for women. They used to say that he was immortal.

A ascended Master?

He became ninety years old – but in those days that was not the usual age; normally the people became around thirty years – and when they became ninety years old it was a wonder.

Saint Germain always knew how to escape and disappear from every danger. When he was dead they found the gemstone ‘the eye of the tiger’ in his pocket. Could it be that the stone gave him all that spirit and power?

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