The myth about the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu

The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu 

The mythe

Lord Vishnu was busy by making ‘Amrita’. A special magic drink that will make you a for ever living being. It works out as soon as – when you have taken a nap of it. But here comes the story. When Lord Vishnu was busy by making the Holy Magic drink, he had not seen that there was a demon in his room close to the pot where he just had put in the Magic drink, Amrita!

kindje met somapot

The demon or Nakshatra wanted that Soma or Amrita so badly, because he also liked to live for ever and as soon as he had taken a nap of that holy stuff, he should live for ever and ever…… .

Who would not like that? The demon was about to take a nap of the magic drink and yes he did take a nap …..

A very, very special drink of course. But it is a matter of fact that this drink was not ment to be for a demon. No, it was made only for ‘The Lights’, the Sun and the Moon and for high society people, like kings and gods and like the rulers of the planets.

Average people would not get any of it. But quick as demons can be, he had taken and swallowed some Amrita already ……… That was bad news. When that was happened Lord Vishnu came along with his sword and he split the snake-like demon into two peaces.But see, the demon did not die. He did not die anymore because he had swallowed some of the Magic stuff. Now this creature changed in two different species!

The head of the specie is Rahu, the stomach with the tale of that specie is Ketu

rahu the shadow planet or north node

These are two species in one so to say. They are called Rahu, the Northern point of the Moon, and Ketu as being the Southern point of the Moon. They are always located 180 degrees away from each other, like twins.

For example when Rahu is 3 degrees in Aries, than Ketu sits on the orb of 3 degrees in Libra, the opposite sign. They are called ‘Shadow planets’. Because of this Mythe, these North Node and South Node are seen as enemies from ‘the Lights’. ‘The ‘Lights’ are the Moon and the Sun.

The Moon and the Sun had eaten from the Soma as well and are also living for ever.
But there is a danger….. The danger is that when an eclipse is there – and the Sun or the Moon stands conjunct with Rahu or Ketu, the Sun or the Moon can be eaten, ‘swallowed’, by these demonic species, Rahu or Ketu . That is what makes the Lights, (the Sun and the Moon) afraid from these shadow planets. They do not like each other.

Rahu is the demonic specie with no stomach, only a brain, so he is very impulsive and cannot have enough of anything in life, because there is no stomach, everything stays in the head only.
And Ketu as a demon it is the same problem, but in the opposite of Rahu. The opposite of being eager for more is Ketu. Ketu does not want more, ketu has enough of everything and does not want anything. 

It means that Ketu has no interest in things by missing a brain to want it. Ketu is the stomach and the tale, so no brains are there to think. Ketu does not think at all. When Rahu or Ketu are in your Maha dasha in your horoscope than you will feel what it does to you. In another chapter about Rahu and Ketu i have talked about that ! Look under the subject Jyotish on this website. 

You understand why Rahu and Ketu are special by looking at them in your horoscope. They are called ‘shadow planets’, and they are a bit difficult. A person who is born with Rahu or Ketu close to the sun or the moon really knows what i mean.

When there is a eclips they are standing close to the sun or the moon and that influence is what the so called Lights do not like. So far this myth about the Moon ‘s north node and the moon ‘s south node Rahu and Ketu.

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