The soul number is an important number

The soul number

the soul is love

The soul number you can find by adding the vowels together of your official names. We are going to count the vowels of our full official names, the names like they are on our passport.

Not the name of your husband, that is not the name where you are born with. The vowels are: A = 1, E = 5, I = 9, O = 6, U = 3, Y = 7.

System1. The Pythagorean system

This is the Pythagorean system of counting. For example, when your name is Monique van der Velden. To find the soul number for this name we have to count only the vowels of that name. The name: Monique van der Velden. We count the vowels: O, I, U, E, for the name ‘Monique’. Than we count the vowels A and E for de names ‘Van’ ‘Der’. Than we count the vowels E and E – they are the vowels for the last name ‘Velden’ .

Now we count the vowels of all the four names together. By adding the vowels from all her official names together we have: 6 + 9 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 39/12/3. We have reduced the outcome.
39 = 3 + 9 = 12. 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. That is how it became three.
O, I, U, E, A, E, E, E.


We see in this case that the first vowel in the first name the letter ‘O’ indicates. (Monique). This first specific vowel always has a special meaning.

When the first vowel in the first name is an ‘O’, it means that we have to do with a frank, methodical person who believes in law, system and order.

Here number three is the soul number as you see. We always reduce the numbers. Here the number 39 and the number 12 and in the end the number 3 are important numbers. Number 3 is here the real soul number. (The letter ‘Y’ is only a vowel when it sounds like ‘E’ as in the name Mary, or when it sounds like ‘i ‘ or like ‘ie’, as in the name Radclyffe).(The letter ‘Y’ is not a vowel for example in the name ‘May’).

(‘ Y’ is also a vowel when it is the only vowel, for example like it is in the name: ‘Sybil’).
When a vowel carries the vowel sound it is always a vowel. Remember that your soul number is your real personality. That is the ‘YOU’, that is only known to you, your inside personality, not the outside personality .

Your soul number is so special because this is the number that stays with you. We live forever

The soul number indicates what you have been in previous life times. This part of your personality is not easy to recognise by other people, unless they know you very well or when you are a ‘very open’ person.
The soul number tells what you are and where you aim for in your inner secret self. This urge of the soul can be strong.

Sometimes it even overcomes other vibrations, like your Life Path Number, Number of Destiny, or your Number of Outer Personality

bhagwan met kindje

The soul number tells or reveals your growth in past lives, that is why it becomes now an underlying force which influences the actions of your present life.

If however the soul urge remains repressed by outer circumstances and the soul fails to accomplish its purpose, it has the need to manifest in your following lives, or even at the end of this life .
Than that vibration, that need is constantly knocking on your door until it finds true expression.

Number 39 as the soul number means: that this is a person that likes to help to make the world a better place, by offering sympathy, affection and love. This number 39 is built up by a 3 and a 9. ( 39/12/3) The three stands for the planet jupiter and the nine stands for the planet mars. We can use the Chaldean system as well to count our soul number. By using the Chaldean System it is a bit different with the letters and the numbers.

System 2. The Chaldean Hindu system

  • J I Q Y A = 1 Sun
  • B K R = 2 Moon
  • C G L S – 3 Jupiter
  • D M T = 4 Rahu
  • E H N X = 5 Mercurius
  • U V W = 6 Venus
  • O Z = 7 Ketu
  • F P = 8 Saturnus
  • Number 9 Mars (In the Chaldean system no letters are used by number nine).

Here we count in the Hindu Chaldean system


Look for yourself if this number 2 . system fits better with you than the the number 1. system. Here in the Chaldean system i use the soul number again for Monique van der Velden. Here the soul number is number 8.

It is number eight because when we count the vowels again (now in the Chaldean system) for the name ‘Monique van der Velden’ we get that number.

Monique van der Velden. 0 = 7. i = 1. u = 6. e = 5. a = 1. e = 5. e = 5. e = 5. 7 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 35. (3 + 5 = 8). The number is written like this: 35/8. Number eight is here the soul number, built up by number 35.

Number 8 makes a person very ambitious, it is the number of the planet saturnus. The person with this number will tackle a big job in order to rise above the crowd, she likes to arrive at the top. She also can become high in sports or in business, or in something else. People with this soul number like to work hard. (Number eight).

The number 35 is said in the numerology books that it brings great inherits. Even most of the time it brings also power and a high position in the world. (Number 3 is jupiter and number 5 is mercury). When negative – this folks have to look out to stay disciplined and not get chaotic or to easy in their life style.

Otherwise they will fall (off) from grace. For so far – this was about the Chaldean system of counting. But now we go back to the Pythagorean system, system 1, that i used at the beginning of this article. What does the number 39/12/3 brings for Monique van der Velden in system 1 ?

This person, Monique, with the outcome of 39 where we are looking at now  is a crusader who wants to feel that the world has benefited because of her sojourn in it. (Three is the number of jupiter and nine is the number of the planet mars). Mars is working here through jupiter.

This is an idealistic person that likes to study mystics and filosofy. She desires justice and she will make a vigorous stand for her beliefs. No obstacle can change her mind, as soon as she has started with a project. Most of the time this is a person who is gentle and poetic, she also is romantic and likes fairy tales and that kind of things.

Negatively this people can be lazy, sensual and indulging in life. But in the main meaning, this are lovely people who give their love easily for the good of others. Number three as a soul number says:
by inspiration and imagination it will be the right way to help others. And the number three knows that the best. Follow your urge to do the things that interest you, that is what number three is about. Good cheer and optimism fits with number three.

People like that are creative people with a lot of ideas

She will become happy and well adjusted by doing so and by living that way. But do not become unpractical with this number and stay enough realistic to survive and have a good life. Number 39 and number 12 are also important numbers because number three was built up by those numbers. We can have a look at number 12 in the Tarot.  39/12/3

Number 12 is The Hanged Man in the Tarot

It is not a bad number, but it can give you a feeling of being stuck in a situation. Just for a while, until you have come out of that situation with a new and better idea. The reason is that this person with number 12 has the opportunity to heighten her vibration and her mindset, so it is positive in the end when she can see the world in another new perspective.12 is the end of a cycle, that is why you have to change.

For changing you have to overthink your life style first. (12)
Here a higher vibration is what you get!

pussycat Roxy

The soul number is an important number, because that vibration will stay with us. Take also a look for the other important numbers on this website.

Which system fits the best for you? System 1. The Pythagorean system or System 2. The Chaldean system?

The soul number is an important number, because that vibration will stay with us. Take also a look for the other important numbers on this website. Which system fits the best for you? System 1. The Pythagorean system or System 2. The Chaldean system?


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