What can I tell you about Jyotish or Vedic astrology

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What i can tell about Jyotish is that the planets are not myths

In Vedic Astrology, what is called Jyotish, your REAL birth chart is used. THE REAL positions of the planets, according to REAL ASTRONOMY ALONE are used, so in Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, your birth chart is a CORRECT ASTRONOMICAL representation of the planets against the zodiac at the time of your birth.

The planets are no myths

In Vedic Astrology, what is called Jyotish, your REAL birth chart is used. THE REAL positions of the planets, according to REAL ASTRONOMY ALONE are used, so in Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, your birth chart is a CORRECT ASTRONOMICAL representation of the planets against the zodiac at the time of your birth.

The zodiac is not a mythe

It is a band of 12 constellations of stars that surround the earths equator. The planets are not myths. They are the closest objects to us. In fact, they are the only objects close to us in space. Our solar system is like a little frisbee, that is zooming through one part of a galaxy wing, and we call that wing ‘the Milky Way’.

It is true and it is a fact that the planets all have gravity. They do affect each other’s orbits by their gravitational pull. These are called “Perturbations” . You can find it and look for it on the web as part of NASA’s code. It is a fact of physics that the body is not lost on molecules and atomic particles in the fetus of a mother, nor in the brain of an adult.

The planets orbit, their minor gravitational effects, are felt by all humans in the form of very minor adjustments of chemicals within their brains and bodies. If the ocean bulges underneath the moon, if the planets affect each others orbits, certainly then, so too, the objects made of water and minerals that stand upon the earth, they too. . get a “lean to one side effect” JUST LIKE THE EARTH DOES… from every planets in our solar system.

Astrology is very real

Astrology is real. Mankind has been studying it since mankind appeared. Sumeria and forward constantly being studied, seriously, by some, throughout history. This universe, is in the hands of god, and that within it, we can find god’s infallible laws, that back up, his infallible words, that come to us as oral and then written ancient scriptural stories. In innocence, we have no choice, but we can listen or have to listen to what our ancestors have to say to us.

It happens to match modern science. Books on how to read people’s horoscopes, which are sometimes more than a thousand or maybe two thousand years old, are correct, exactly accurate, in the way they teach how to read the planets and signs in a person’s birth chart.  Teachings of today work flawlessly, yet were written long before white man’s discovery of the planets orbits.

The fact is that the Eastern People’s many and Western later on did follow the planets with their eyes constantly and made accurate calendars. Complex Luni Solar calendars are evident in archeology, even in France over 2000 years ago. For instance a very Hindulike calendar was the Gaelic type that was found.

Since the dawn of this creation, the matter within it has been floating about, as it is now spinning. There is much similarity between the atom and the solar system. For example: plants mate, and so do animals and people. There are seven notes in music and in days of the week. Whales sing on the same notes as humans and so on.

Most animals, have a head and four limbs. Most of them have eyes and ears. Most have a mother and father. In most cases, the fathers are stronger and gather, while the mothers are more made for the nest operations of reproducing themselves . Likewise, this solar system has a powerhouse father sun, and a reflective lighter moon that hovers close to us while the sun is further away providing ALL the energy needed to run this place, just like a nuclear animal or human family.

All over the earth as it turns, people go to sleep at NIGHT and wake up in the MORNING. These rays are planetary light rays that are affecting us directly. Sun’s rays set the pattern of life on earth and the moon circulates the water in time on earth. Earth is find just at the right distance from the moon and the sun. Being in the astronomically water flow zone distance from the sun makes the earth a perfect home with a massaging mother and powerful father.  

But we and all nature dies here. Humans are the highest life form on earth, humans can think abstract and can go abstract consciously outside their bodies. We can do many things. Some things are good for us and some are not, like sef destrution for instance. We can bring our dreams into reality.

This ability to think abstractly is at the root of spirituality. One must think abstract, to think spiritual. For in spirituality we believe more in what we don’t see than what we do see. For what we see, will perish surely, and what we don’t see is where eternity is, if it exists. Our eyes are limited.

In innocence the mere fact that we exist and seek eternal pleasure, is proof that it exists.  We prove the existence of god by our own existence. The fact that all life runs from death and animals too, always run from death, this too is proof, that the nature of the Sentient Creatures is eternal life .

Our soul will stay and learn further by incarnations. All Sentient Life strives Towards Pleasure and Away from pain. All young animals and humans must be taken care of and raised. So, therein, we have the formula for our existence here. 

Like school, we throw the papers away, but retain the knowledge, so we throw away these lesson bodies, and retain the accumulated learning. We earn our right by going through this, to say we DID at the end. Like school, it’s all planned, but it’s NEW to the STUDENTS especially if they are riding as pure soul witnesses just born inside perfectly constructed material bodies (that then die in the end).

Truth is that God tosses matter into this dark space

God tosses matter into this dark space and in that toss is God ‘s full intention for what it is to become when it lands in his world.  He is tossing a creation – to create babies – we are a batch of babies – being raised in a womb and it goes according to his plan.

Exactly, there is no free will in the TRUE SENSE, only the apparition of it as this body goes through it’s steps as MATTER. As we can make choises but the plan is already there. You are not the maker of your life at all.  You do not know how to electronically signal your hands to type, they do it. That’s god. 

The infinit mind or the creator of the universe we can call God. It is a fact that the planets float in space, and god is physics. You do not decide to look up, your chemicals do, the physics of your brain does and it was set spinning by your parents and ALL who came before you. You do not decide to take a walk, your body tells you that it is going to – and you watch it happen. 

When you think, you are witnessing the thoughts. They are not “yours”, they are “your bodies”. All of your body is under the control of the big creator called god.  All of your life, and lives, are fully gods plan for you. 

It is a necessary evil, that souls must endure this, for this alone is how they identify themselves as separate. By paying this price, of learning the hard way, in a world with seeming options, and seeming outcomes of pain.  The pain here, alone, teaches us what does not work.  By pain, by conflict, we will come to oneness.  Heaven knows no conflict or strife of mind whatsoever.

You have to FEEL that your choise is god – to enter heaven

You have to feel that you need to go through this GRAND long illusion of painful lives and many frustrations, to reach the point of being humble before god and equal to all sentient beings. When you are fully “one of god’s children” by HUMAN CHOICE SEEMINGLY (Gods will for you must be there too) and not “I am my body and this is my life and I am selfish” – then you are eligible to enter heaven, for that is the way heaven is.

It’s just like graduating from school.  When you pass the test, you graduate. The test is the Golden Rule in FULL. You must treat all sentient creatures as if and just like they are you yourself, that means feed them first even if YOU are hungry.

Only when you are so in love with God and Heaven that you don’t care as much about anything else, only then will you want to be this way. You can read a person’s nature and future, if you know how and have experience.

Neither of us can think a thought we are not meant to think. You can only read this if you know English, and that is entirely based on where you were born and how much money your family has, and other factors. Everyone is going to be born. Nobody is a broken soul. Every life is meant to happen as it’s happening.  God has surprises planned in, little ones and big ones.  Tsumani’s too and Aliens landing.  Who knows, only God.

When you die, which is coming very soon, perhaps in a minute, you will not care at all about your whole life, this whole place and everything here, for you will know that you are being sucked away from it by a force that holds you, made you, controls you, has you, in IT’S HANDS. He (the creator of the universe) has all in his hands.

You know this now. If you think about it, right now, think about the moments just after you die.  Do you think, that you will feel “in control” of what’s going on?  Not likely.   Just as now, you are not in control of the cancer that might be forming inside you, or the future date with death God has planned for you at a certain traffic intersection, or whatever.

Fact:  God put “deluding/attracting” and “Covering” aspects into this physics for the souls he puts here.  Although all are pure always, they are attracted to, and deluded by, and covered by the objects that their senses desire here.  They then think, they are the body and they go after these sense- objects and forget that they will die.

In that deluded state, they resists hearing about god, for it does not mesh well with their illusioned state that they see themselves as. The more one likes their current body and it’s life, the more attached they will be to being in that illusion, and will resist real religion and spirituality. If one is fully suffering, they will embrace it more likely. This is just the factor of the covering part not holding up when reality strikes.

When harsh reality hit’s a person, they STOP thinking about their ego trips and start thinking about survival

You live an illusion that is temporary. You resist knowing about the eternal home we are headed towards inevitably (seen by innocence).  In that illusional state, you believe yourself to be more important than the next person, hence war, and hence time and death, are required here, for your illusions. 

They HAVE to end here, or else everyone would simply fight forever.  Instead, you recycle, come back, and keep it up.  The new people, every hundred years, inherit their parents battles and tastes.  They literally come back and keep it up… learning…

You are illusional about your identity, in a temporary place, fully controlled by physics, even your thoughts, fully made by the great whole ONE that you are in, but YOU are the WITNESSING SENTIENCE inside the back of the head.  You only WITNESS EVERYTHING here, the thoughts, intelligence, death, everything, you witness is NOT YOU per se, it is only your temporary home for one life. Then you get another body.

When a person who has spent their life or enough of it such that when they die they actually want god and heaven, they get it. Here, everything you need to be here is provided. You did not make the earth, air, water, oceans, birds, even your body, you made nothing.

Everything is provided and it works. Sex works, babies come out, trees grow, the planet spins. You did none of this. It is the all important life system that your body is a part of and inside.  ONLY your brain thinks of your ego as real, not the earth, or sky, or god.

There with god everything you need is provided too, only, there it works BETTER, such that, there cannot be conflict, nor stress, no anxiety of any kind at all. Everyone is in a constant state of wonder, bliss, clarity, intelligence, kindness, love, and is simply enjoying themselves continually in an unending day, there is no night. There are no dark places. Everything is self illuminating, floors, walls, closets, all are all lit, by their walls alone….

Nothing is “unnatural” in that EVERYTHING is pure spirit and blends and bonds and separates easily and perfectly constantly eternally

We are only here a short span. Very short to heaven, just as 9 months is nothing compared to 80 years… so a few lifetimes is nothing compared to eternity”.

Why believe in God?

Because it works and nothing else does. Nothing else can explain what we are and why we are. Nothing. Period.  God is sensible to the extreme. It’s totally stupid to not believe in the thing you are standing inside and are made of, when you have NO ability to free yourself from this here god all around you and no alternative reality to go to. 

Fools say they don’t believe in God. They do. Wait till they die. With a loving god like Krishna with his loving beautiful Heaven Goloka Vrndavan, one can look forward to the afterlife. That makes sense.  It would make sense, that after all this hardship, especially of old age, one would be able to graduate to something better.

radha and krishna

We have that here, we see, things like butterflies, change from one creature into an entirely different one. That too, is a hint from God.

All of nature is our proof of God. In it’s diversity yet oneness in physics or gods laws, it is so structured, totally structured, yet appears so complex therefore random, but it’s not at all random, far from it, it’s exact.

Believing in God, means to believe in a Big Magical Amazing Singular Something. The creator of the universe is all Ohm. Believing in God, means that you realize that God is all there is.  There is nothing BUT GOD.

There is nothing outside of god and nothing separate from god

When you take up this way of thinking, life becomes much easier internally, for you know, that life has a designed flow, that you do not and cannot control.  You can only do your part, and be detached from all of it.  See your body, as your assigned toy car to ride in, and do it’s life, live it’s life, witness it, but you are not that body. When you die, you will know that you are drifting out of that body, many have felt this and returned to talk about it.

We cannot see very far at all, with our scopes. We do not know where space ends or if it does. These are STUPID THOUGHTS.  We should REALIZE that we are NOT independent and stranded!   We are NOT lost and NOT alone and NOT needing to RESEARCH so much because God has a plan . Of course, part of it was all that has happened so far, including all this research into space etc.

The fact is indian yogis were gaining liberation long before the US or the Space Shuttle existed, so, everything for life was here before white man’s inventive petrol era rampage. Real God Consciousness, real spiritual life, on the saint level, accomplished, means that the person does not ever think separately from the fact that they are about to go to God, or Krishna, the beautiful supreme person and heaven.  The saintly, never forget this at any time.

They are always aware, alert to not falling into mayas hands. Maya is that thing that says “Yummy go for it”.  These are mental images in your mind, from previous experiences of pleasure which is a stored memory of how a certain combination of fats, sugars, salts, chemicals etc felt on your tongue.. based on that sensation of “good taste” you may, for your whole life chase that experience over and over, in some cases, leading to morbid obesity. So, the mind is just a processor of previous experiences, which are literally made of – Light rays into the eyes – sound waves into the ears – waves upon the skin – temperatures upon the skin – feelings in the mouth, such as kissing – feelings on the genitals, such as sex – feelings of approval  from others. 

In other words, the mind stores imagery of remembered experiences and ONLY try’s continually to guide you back to them, like a recording that is playing over and over, it can torment you. Saying over and over, go for sex, go for chocolate, go for money, go for jewelry… to each his own sensation memories ! That’s all they are. 

Most people lives are made out of chasing yet again another experience of something they’ve already experienced.  Often, they get their original sensations from their parents sensation addictions, and thus addictions to sensations run in families, and seemingly race, but it’s often just actually conditioning that starts young.

The body is like that, it’s got sensation memory, and is homeostatic, that is, it likes it’s own current place usually best.. it doesn’t like change, it changes slowly.. you cannot suddenly do things to the human body, like suddenly speed it through space, no.. that will kill it.. it has homeo static needs.. or it dies . The careful handling of ambulance drivers of people is an example.. they fasten them down carefully in form and shape to prevent movement during travel. That is the need of homeo stasis beings.

When god wants you to know him, when your journeys of learning are over, he will put you in a family, with a life, wherein you come in contact with His real devoted. And through them you will make contact with divine knowledge, and soon be liberated. A person can only understand these matters, if they have the intelligence for it.  Otherwise, they will refuse some part of it, in order, to preserve their respective illusions.

Note that this paradigm is so pure, that it causes total peace on earth immediately if adapted by all, as well as, total brotherly love, therefore, locksmiths would be instantly out of business.. as would all guns and anything like it. The ONLY thing to do with a gun in heaven is – turn it into something else.. there is NO use for a gun in heaven, none. Much of what we have here is the hardware of animosity, me-ism’s creations and residual effects like racial hate, classes, murder, tears and fears. With equality there is none of this.

People are happy in heaven and heaven is happy, Nirwana. What are you thinking about free will? Does the freedom of will that we have make much difference in our life and do we make conscience choices How do you feel yourself during this lifetime?

Thank ‘s for reading.

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