Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

wolfgang mozart chart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in Salzburg in Oostenrijk 27 January 1756 at 20.00 P.M. G.M.T. 19:48 P.M. Lagna Leo 22.15 degrees

Rashi chart

What we especially know about Mozart is that he was and remains a world-famous musician, despite the many years that have passed since his death. He actually performed when he was just four years old and could already compose at the age of five.

He came from a very musical family; his father was a composer and his sister was also a gifted musician. Mozart, being a prodigy, was playful and very sensitive, but also technically minded.

He wanted to research and try everything and did so with great enthusiasm and pleasure and was stimulated from his birth by his musical environment so he could learn quickly and in a fun way. This allowed him to develop quickly.

His Lagna is in the sign Leo with Rahu on the cusp of the Lagna. Rahu is almost exact conjunct with the Lagna cusp in Leo

Lord Lagna is the Sun in the sixth house in close conjunction with Mercury . Saturn is also in Capricorn in the sixth house. Under the guidance of his father (the Sun), Mozart worked hard on his future as a musician, he was constantly working on it and also enjoyed it.

His technical talent came in handy with Mars as Raja yoga being lord 9/4 in the eleventh house. His Mars is favorable and makes a favorable eighth aspect from the eleventh house in Gemini to his sixth house in Capricorn, where Mars is on the rise, which indicates that he worked hard on his ideals.

Mozart had been playing music since he was a toddler with his older sister that he looked up to. (The eleventh house stands for older brothers and sisters). He wanted to learn to play just as well as his sister did. So he quickly learned and managed to play several instruments flawlessly and after a while he did better than his sister.

Ketu and Uranus in his seventh house in Aquarius made Mozart, among other things, good at playing multiple musical instruments and it made him inventive. Venus is also in his seventh house in the sign Aquarius which made him artistic. This, together with the influence of Mars that forms a Raja yoga was making handy, technical and inventive. (He regularly challenged the stiff Bourgeoisie). 

mozart aan het werk

(Uranus makes a sharp Tajika aspect, especially an opposition to the cusp of his Lagna).

(Mozart had a Veshi yoga (Venus is in the second house from the Sun) (wealth and status) and he had many planets in the Kendra houses, Moon and Pluto in 4, Uranus, Ketu and Venus in 7 and Rahu in the house 1). This brought him wealth and status.

His enthusiasm (Rahu in the first house in Leo) and good guidance resulted in great results, but not without a struggle because in the family where he came from everything went not so smoothly. Before he was born, several brothers and sisters (five) died at a very young age.

He was born at Dark entering Moon in Scorpio. In the fourth house. Mozart himself had a very (weak Moon) sensitive person. There were also often money problems (Jupiter in the second house in the sign of GE in Virgo).

They lived as Bohemians and seldom or never slept at home, so the money went up quickly. Especially during the second half of his life, when Mozart became more and more famous, he had a lot to do with jealousy of colleagues.

(Sun Mercury and Saturn in house six (enemies, jealousy) and with tensions (the Moon, ups and downs) in creating his compositions. 

He was regularly pressured by several people and in particular by a colleague named ‘Salieri’ who copied many of Mozart compositions and committed plagiarism. Salieri wanted to surpass Mozart and was jealous. He occasionally gave Mozart the fright of his life by the many ‘tricks’ he devised to complicate Mozart’s life

(Sixth house, jealous colleagues).

Mozart had a ‘Papa Kartari yoga’ at his fifth house 

This means that the children he and his wife later had often died shortly after birth, just as it had happened to his own mother. However, two of his sons had survived the birth well and had remained healthy.

He also had a Vasumathi yoga which made him more intelligent and happier over the years

Through his father, who knew the way everywhere, he performed at an early age for people at court and other prominent people, such as counts and kings. (Jupiter in his second house, lord 5/8). His father took him everywhere and then had him played. Despite some tensions (Jupiter lord eight and Dark Moon in Scorpio) Mozart found the attention beautiful (Lagna and Rahu in Leo) and he went for it.

Jupiter as lord eight, from house two makes a seventh aspect to his eighth house in Pisces, according to his own mark, partly absorbed that tensions and fear (eighth house) and made him more at ease. He was someone with a playful, creative personality, but had to learn to define his boundaries. (Rahu cusp lagna in Leo).


The financial worries of Mozart came not so much because he was really poor, but more because of his expensive lifestyle. 

During his last years of life he earned a lot of money, as I read, but he also did crazy things with it. (Jupiter in the second house GE)

Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn make a seventh aspect to his twelfth house in Cancer where he also has Neptune in it. This made him anxious because of the work pressure and responsibility towards his ability. (Saturn). His empathy was strong, and he lived in a fantasy world. 

Neptune is in house 12 (dreams and fantasy) in Cancer (the sign of the Moon) and makes a Tajika aspect, an opposition with Mercury in Capricorn in house six. 

Mozart had a great empathy and a lot of imagination, he lived in a troubled world of thought, sometimes losing himself in his ideas. For example, when he made Opera, he thought up the most crazy, imaginative attributes he used to embellish his Opera, and not everyone was charmed by it. He had grown up in a family with a lot of worries. There were problems in the area of ​​income and also the family had a lot to do with ‘death’.

(Pluto in close conjunction with Moon in Scorpio Fallen in the fourth house). His mother was often ill and died when Mozart was still a young man. The Moon does, however, make a seventh aspect from the fourth house to the tenth house of appeal to the sign Taurus, where the Moon is exalted, so that his work was influenced emotionally and gained more depth.

He has also composed heavy and somewhat less cheerful pieces, in which you can hear the fear that sometimes creeps up. The humor he possessed was also striking and daring. He sometimes wrote some rebellious, oblique texts and could make vulgar jokes. 

(Uranus in an opposite Tajika aspect and many planets in Aquarius in the seventh house). (Provocation). (Planets in Aquarius in the seventh house Venus, Uranus and Ketu). 

Dasha periods

Mozart was born in the end of Mercury Maha Dasha

When Mozart, three months after, was three years old, his Maha dasha period started in Ketu. And when he was four years old he started to perform in public. (Ketu in Aquarius in the seventh house (he came into the open). After the Dasha period with Ketu he came in the Dasha period with Venus when he was 9 years and 10 months old and in that period he made the most beautiful compositions and operas. (Venus is in Aquarius in the seventh house) .

At the age of 29 and 10 months he entered the Sun Dasha period and during that time he also made very good works. But at the end of that period he suffered a lot of stress. (Sun is in his sixth house in the sign Capricorn).  He died at the age of 35 on 5 December 1791, just before his Moon Dasha period would start. (Weak Moon). 

Navamsa Varga – The chart about soul life and relationships

At the Navamsa Varga we see that with him Rahu is back in his Lagna, but now in the sign of Libra, the sign about relationships.

Libra is a Venus sign (harmony). 

Venus the lord of Libra is in his third house in Sagittarius with Neptune and Mars. This shows that he traveled a lot and worked hard on his musical career. (Third house is travelling and publicity).

Navamsa Mozart

Venus and Mars make a seventh aspect to the ninth house, to Gemini, where his Sun and Mercury stand . His love went out to his ideals (ninth house) and he completely surrendered to what his heart told him and that was music as we know.

In his seventh house in Aries in this Navamsa Varga are Ketu, Saturn and Uranus placed 

He had many appointments and agreements and had to prove himself so that he did not have much time for a possible love life. 

Saturn also sitting in the seventh. 

This indicates that in the first instance he could not get a good relationship, but later that did come about well. 

Lord seven, Mars, is in the third house in Sagittarius. 

He was traveling a lot because of performance.

Mercury and the Sun in his ninth house. Here we see that he was a very idealistic and spiritual person.

Jupiter, the planet of spirituality, is in Mozart’s Navamsa in house twelve of transformation in Virgo and Mercury, as lord 12 is in his own sign in the ninth house in Gemini. This ensures a good cooperation concerning soul life 

(Jupiter in twelfth house) and ideals (ninth house)

As for his love life, he eventually married someone he cared about, but his father was against it, so it did not go without a struggle and he was then secretly married. 

(Venus lord 1/8). (Venus lord eight, unexpected, secret events).


The Varga about profession

In the field of his work and profession, he was clearly idealistic again. In the Lagna of the Dasamsa is the sign Pisces and again with Rahu.

Dasamsa Chart Mozart

Lord of the Lagna is Jupiter who is in the twelfth house of transformation and spirituality together with Mercury and the Sun in the sign of Aquarius. All his attention went to spiritual unification, in fact to his musical creations.

Saturn is in the tenth house, the house that indicates the profession, in the sign of Sagittarius and is lord 11/12.

By Saturn in the tenth house and as lord of the twelfth house you see that he was inspired by his work. He took his work seriously and was very disciplined in it. Saturn as lord eleventh points out that he often worked together with colleagues. His income was irregular. Mozart had a busy existence and had to comply with many agreements.

Ketu, Mars and Neptune and Uranus are all in his seventh house in Virgo and Mercury as lord 7/4 is in his twelfth house. This points to his musical, spiritual life which was quite tiring for him. Saturn in Sagittarius in his tenth house and lord 11/12. Jupiter in the twelfth house in Aquarius is lord 1/10. Jupiter is lord of his house of appeal (the tenth of status and occupation) and is in his twelfth house (music, transformation).

He composed beautiful music. Moon and Venus are in his second house in Aries and make a seventh aspect to his eighth house in Libra. Venus to own sign Libra (harmonious music) The Moon and this Venus aspect brought extra sensitivity to him and his music. Mars as lord 9/2 in seventh house in Virgo – That made him work on his calling. 

Mozart and the movie

Mozart suffered from fears during his life and was sometimes very nervous. This can be found in the film ‘Amadeus’ what is all about him. He died poor and was buried in a mass-grave when he was only 35 years old. In 1984 the cinema-movie ‘Amadeus’ came out (directed by Milos Forman) .

The film deals among other things with the myths and mysteries concerning the cause of death of Mozart. The way of doing things by the composer Antonio Salieri with his jealous behavior comes out clearly in that movie. Mozart suffered from depression and delusions, especially just before his death he was very confused according to the descriptions about him.

His dead may have been caused by Mercury poisoning, but also by the problems that were arisen around jealousy. The vicious strokes given to him by the infamous Salieri at that time could be a reason for his dead and the prescribed Aqua Tofana (arsenic) what he was taken as well. Mozart was afraid of Salieri and thought that Salieri wanted to poison him.

Poor Mozart, he really was ‘one of a kind’

mozart tekening

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