Would you like to read my new article about the pope of Rome ?

See here the link. Let me hear what you think about the situation in the Catholic Church and in the whole world on Religion and what do you think about the One World Order?


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I use the Sidereal chart, because i make horoscopes in the Indian way.

Take a look at my e-books. They are ideal for beginners. The e-book about ‘Jyotish for beginners’ i have also translated in English.

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(On the picture you see Ketu, the half dragon without a head)

Last year i was graduated in Jyotish advanced technics and  got my diploma ‘s.

I studied many years astrology, first i studied the Western way in astrology, but now i do Indian astrology or Jyotish, the Vedic way in astrology. I was learning Jyotish at the International Academy for Astrology. ( is a nice homepage to take a look at if you are interested in astrology.

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